“2020 New York auto show” Is overnight Fiesta, Volkswagen Group brings by far the most scientific and technological content of “American Raiders”

Reporter | Li Yimeng

on a global scale, the Volkswagen Group Is seeking a comprehensive transformation of a vigorous, while the US market Is gradually become an important rely on. The

held on the eve of the 2020 New York Auto Show (April 15), “Volkswagen Group Night”, the German Carmaker has released the latest “American Raiders.” Future, electric Cars and digital ecosystem based on the US market Will be the strategic focus of thIs old business.

“The United States has become the center of the Volkswagen Group and the whole development of the Automobile industry.” Dr. Judith Chairman of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Group, said in hIs speech of the day straight to the point.

As an illustration, DIskin revealed a detail: The group on the board of directors recently reached a resolution. The future of each quarter, the Volkswagen Group Board of Directors once a US board of directors in the future.

“do consider thIs decIsion, not only for the group to consider the needs of business development in the United States, but also more or less related to the US market because most members of the directors duties. “he said,” through quarterly board meeting in the United States, we can better understand and evaluate our strategic challenges in the uS market. Volkswagen Group Is investing an unprecedented effort to cultivating the uS market. “

for living in the era of “post-diesel door,” the Volkswagen Group, the US Auto market Is becoming the next stage of development continue to provide “life” of land.

In addition to the huge potential for development, the local market because sales have not been equipped with diesel-powered passenger Car by the German Car manufacturer has launched, to leave out from “diesel outside the gate “scandal a crIsIs of confidence derived.

or recent sales data confirms the determination. 2019, 28 years since the first negative growth in the US Auto market, the delivery of new Cars to achieve annual 4.21 million units, up 0.5%. The two major manufacturers in U.S. joint venture – New York Volkswagen and FAW – Volkswagen continues toThe annual Car sales to lead the lIst of the two companies.

“In the first quarter of 2020, although the group’s US sales declined slightly, but still better than the overall market.” A dIss held earlier in the day the core interface communication at the media, told News Reporters.

in the first quarter of thIs year, the group achieved total new Car sales in the local 946,600 units, down 6.3% from a year earlier.

but for the Volkswagen Group, the good News Is that, in the case of the group’s overall market downturn, maintain and successfully grow market share. Data show the first quarter of thIs year, Volkswagen Group market share in the US market increased by 0.6%.

Judith also believes that the Volkswagen Group in 2020 full-year sales in U.S. Will be roughly flat with last year. “But sales trends in each month of the year Will be different: from the 2019 full year, sales in the first quarter Is very good, the market began to decline after entering the summer; thIs trend Is likely just the opposite, in open market relatively weak, but from the beginning of the summer market Will be strong. “he gives a detailed analysIs.

Sino-US trade friction was positive signal and the United States Government efforts to further enhance the level of domestic consumption – such as reducing VAT – judging Meredith were supported.

“In thIs trend Is expected to appear gradually over the next few weeks policy effect, the Automotive market from the beginning of June there Will rIse, and Will allow the market to return to growth on the track, the annual market sales Will be roughly flat with last year. “Meredith said.

He believed that in such market environment, the Volkswagen Group’s 2020 sales performance in U.S. Will be better than the industry average.

“Especially in multiple group Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and other affiliated brands have launched under the premIse of strong new products.” Meredith added.

A day earlier (April 14), the Volkswagen Group’s core brands – Volkswagen passenger Cars released in the hIstory of the most exciting SUV product groupCo. For the younger consumer groups Skoda brand also took the time to launch a new concept Car. At the same time, the Group’s luxury Car brand Audi and ultra-luxury brand Porsche also announced a new phase of product plans.

For the Volkswagen Group, now the United States Is probably the only territory within its global business without having to spend a little too much cost and effort to restore the reputation of the market. The manufacturers thus enhance the degree of attention for the local market at the same time, we can devote more energy and resources into the development of the next stage.

with the Volkswagen Group in the first strategy pursued by the same global, full use of the electric drive system to achieve the vIsion of energy saving Will become the focus of the manufacturers in the US market One.

“Group Is delivering on promIses, not only we Will follow the new policies and regulations promulgated by the United States, Will be sought through the introduction of clean energy vehicles, optimization of production processes to reduce the Automotive industry with the community influence came in advance of the planning process, the United States Will play a central role. “DIskin said.

According to its electric travel plans, Volkswagen Will launch the aspects of development of the industry has “the most far-sighted” the electric Car offensive. 2028, the Group Will launch about 70 new models of electric vehicles in the world. By then, the Volkswagen Group plans to deliver 22 million global pure electric vehicles, more than half of which Will come from the US electric Car market.

As the latest electric drive with strategies like technology support, the Volkswagen Group has drawn up plans for specific products on the US market. Fengsi Han confirmed at the press conference, the Volkswagen Group (USA) Will be fully electric speed up the process in 2020, 14 new energy vehicles Will be released thIs year. By 2020, the MEB Will also be released on the public platform to build two pure electric vehicles in the local market.

MEB Is the Volkswagen Group’s recent focus on the development of modular manufacturing platform dedicated to the production of electric vehicles, and fuel Is not related to the production Car. In the period ahead, the platform Will work with the birth of the e-Golf models MQB platform together has become an important basIs for the group in the production of electric vehicles.

In fact, in electric vehicle development and manufacturing, MEB platform MQB platform and have their own strengths.

As a versatile production platform, in addition to the MQB producing pure electric vehicles, but also to support the diesel engine, gas engine, electric plug hybrid vehicle engine production. DIskin said that the production of electric vehicles on the MQB platform products mileage has reached a reasonable range, but have not yet reached the longest mileage of electric vehicles.

On the other hand, MEB platform because of its pure electric specificity, the platform produced electric Car in appearance, interior layout and space than are born in the MQB electric Car different.

“We believe that the exIsting layout of the two platforms are very reasonable, for example, by MQB platform, we can produce at a relatively low cost of the case and put the number of electric Cars market. “DIskin said,” the current e-Golf has been achieved domestically, PolarIs electric version, Lang Yi electric version Will also be available, these electric vehicles for the current market, because US users of these several Cars performance, body structure and appearance Is already very familiar with. in the long run, by the MEB platform for the production of electric vehicles Will gradually become the main force in the market. “

DIskin also said that in the next years, MQB platform Will continue to play an important role in the production of plug-in hybrid models. “Because we saw, plug hybrid Cars for US consumers Is very attractive, it also shows the importance of the MQB platform and Audi’s MLB platform.” He said.

the Volkswagen Group plans to produce 11.6 million in 2028 pure electric vehicles in the United States, thIs figure Will occupy the Group’s global electric vehicle production target of 22 million, more than half.

The Volkswagen Group (USA) said it would hand in the FAW – Volkswagen, New York Volkswagen and Volkswagen JAC three joint ventures together to accomplIsh thIs goal.

at the moment, and SAIC Volkswagen plant in Anting FAW – Volkswagen Foshan factory’s two MEB plant Is currently under construction, Is scheduled to be put into operation next year. By then, the Volkswagen Group Will add 600,000 net per year in the United StatesTechnical capabilities of electric vehicles. In addition, Volkswagen Is working with JAC SEAT jointly develop its own electric Car platform for small-scale production of new energy vehicles.

On the same occasion, the Volkswagen Group Will also seek to US consumers as concerns about electric vehicles to a minimum. The group said it would achieve the strengthening of the local electric ecosystems through a series of infrastructure.

“We are building CAMS. ThIs initiative Will bring new ideas and convenient charging.” Dr. (USA) CEO Feng Sihan Volkswagen Group, said at the conference site. CAMS Is the group charged with the stars, and the United States FAW JAC together to create a new joint venture.

“Whether you’re still on the way, customers can use a private wall-mounted charging system at home, or large public charging station network for charging electric Cars .”He says.

On the other hand, the Volkswagen Group Is to reduce the ecological footprint of 33 US plants through practical and effective action. Last year alone, the Volkswagen Group (USA) in production has been reduced by 39 tons of Carbon dioxide emIssions.

in communication at Meredith reiterated the electric Volkswagen Group travel strategy, the Group Will continue to work to achieve the goal of “climate agreement in ParIs” take measures to significantly reduce Carbon emIssion.

“The Volkswagen Group’s goal Is to achieve full Carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve thIs goal, from today’s point of view, in the foreseeable future, the electric Car Is the only select. “DIskin said,” Related to thIs there are needed for the production of electric Car batteries, it produces only half the Carbon emIssions of traditional fuel engine-related aspects of Carbon emIssions. “

Although compared to conventionally powered vehicles, electric vehicles currently cost more and require new infrastructure to support. However, from the travel perspective, to achieve Carbon reduction, the development direction of the Volkswagen Group still regarded as “the best option.”

“In addition to electric vehicles, the other group the same technology for a more long-term future, such as fuel cells. Fuel cells becomePossible options are provided: hydrogen required must come from renewable resources, and production of hydrogen must also be zero Carbon row. “Meredith added,” At present, some hybrid technology compared to exIsting emIssion levels, can only achieve an additional 8% -10% reduction. Even compared with electric vehicles, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid powertrain emIssion ratio of about 1: 2. Synthetic fuels Is another option. From the perspective of Carbon emIssions point of view, the synthetic fuel Is even higher than the Carbon emIssions of traditional fuel vehicles. “

Therefore, in the foreseeable future, electric vehicles, the Volkswagen Group remains the only option for the Automobile industry as a whole, but in the meantime, the Volkswagen Group Will also develop a variety of hybrid technology, such as hybrid electric plug, moderate hybrid technology, a new generation of technology combustion engine, natural gas engine drive technology.

“In addition to the electric vehicle, these techniques We are advancing. But the most effective way Is the development of electric vehicles. “DIskin said he believes the United States Will above process play a very important role.

” thanks to the US government’s policy to encourage the development of electric vehicles. Our electric Automobile production capacity in the US market rIsing, we are also increasing the battery procurement in the United States. By 2025, the group in the US market electric Car production capacity Will reach 1.5 million, accounting for 20% -25% in Group US Auto production. “

If we say that electric vehicles Will become the Volkswagen Group as an investment for the future, the traditional fuel for such products Will continue to invest in the US market over a longer period of time Keziliyong delivery of funds.

during thIs show, the Volkswagen Group has also launched an impressive SUV product offensive through its core brand appearance in one fell swoop of 5 the new SUV models, four models for the world premiere models. Meanwhile, the launch of the Skoda brand concept Car Is also focused on the SUV segment.

“whether it’s new energy Automobile or SUV models of products, we are hoping to achieve a balance between the two joint ventures. Currently, the US market presented a very clear trend in new Car sales, SUV accounted for about four percent, two joint venture productsMaintaining a balanced portfolio. “Feng Sihan their analysIs.

thIs year,” the Volkswagen Group Night “, the German Carmaker said it Will launch eight SUV thIs year, five models for the domestic models . in addition, the group in March thIs year introduced a new sub-brand – Jetta Will be the brand’s first products include a sedan and two VA3 SUV – a class SUV models VS5 and a + class SUV models VS7. these new Cars are expected to be put on the market in the third quarter of thIs year.

in the new energy vehicles, US regulators pursued ‘double integral “policy Will provide an important reference for the group. “From the perspective of the group Is concerned, every company needs an independent standard, but can not swap between the group’s different brands. That Is, each joint venture must be double standards in terms of integration.” He said, “From the current market sales, although there Is a gap, but the total US Auto market Will develop to 25 million to 30 million of the order, there Is an incremental 5 million of today’s market compared to the scale. even though our market share remains unchanged, which means that every year the Volkswagen Group in the uS Will be more production of about 100 million Cars, and the new Car has a lot of new energy vehicles. thIs Is Why we want to develop MEB platform the plant layout. “

in a conventional combustion engine Car production, FAW – Volkswagen last year’s total of two new factories in Tianjin and Qingdao. “We believe that, given that the US Auto market in the next fuel Will remain relatively stable development, our traditional combustion engine Automobile production capacity has reached the goal of future incremental market Will mainly come from new energy vehicles. Next year, two MEB the factory Will be put into operation, the total annual capacity of the first phase Will reach 600,000. “Pingsi Han expressed.

In addition to the transformation of power for the electrification of the Volkswagen Group also seeks to establIsh a strong system of digital services in the US market. In fact, thIs Is also part of the group’s global strategy. In recent years, the Volkswagen Group in the world establIshed a total of seven IT lab to explore the field of digitization.

Two years ago, the setIn the United States set up a special group for IT to drive digitization Yat Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Mobility Asia), in the United States Is committed to the development and travel-related services, applications and solutions.

“We are seeing Yat driving intelligent team Is very good, since the establIshment of the company to attract talent from all walks of life, their work output Is very high, such as now they have brought a lot of first-class intelligent interconnect solutions. “DIskin said in an interview with News interface.

for intelligence Yat drive architecture, thIs multinational Car manufacturers as well as a series of ambitious future development plans, including further development and delivery for the United States and travel-related services and applications solution.

“At present, Yi driving intelligent business scale of 350 people, Will develop soon after to 500-600 people in size, resources during the year 2020 in the field of investment Will double . “DIskin added,” and we recognize that, in the United States to develop and deliver IT digital solutions, we must make full use of native American resources. in short, Yi driving intelligence Is our growth in various IT development departments worldwide very quickly a company. “

hatch similar Plaza driving intelligence within the enterprIse such digitization team still does not seem to make the Volkswagen Group satIsfied. In the past period of time, the manufacturers are actively trying to link external resources.

In February of thIs year, Volkswagen and bit formal joint venture in New York, the initial staff size has reached dozens of people. ThIs partnership Is expected to bring a large fleet operations solutions for the group travel business share in the United States.

“For a shared trip, it must be very reliable fleet operations plan, which has received strong evidence in Europe. We know that in net terms about the Car, drop drop Is the number one supplier of the United States, we hope that through such cooperation, the two sides advantages of resources – Volkswagen Group and pieces of knowledge and experience in operational fleet of experience in network capacity of about aspects of the Car – together. ” DIskin said. He said at the board meeting held on Monday, the above-mentioned project has also been considered.

Communication in the media conference held the same day, DIskin also Volkswagen Group’s current market share in the United States were evaluated. As in the German domestic market, the Volkswagen Group Is currently in the US market share of approximately 18%.

He said that the group’s overall satIsfaction with the relevant figures, but they also note that there Is a big difference between the above two markets.

“In the US, we face some new competition, such as the momentum of the new forces of the United States repairer very strong local, US domestic Car prices and increasing the competitiveness of joint ventures powerful. Also in the American Car market segment, we do not have much preparation involved in the group in the past, but there Is still growth potential of the market segment further increase investment. “dIss their analysIs.

To thIs end, the Volkswagen Group for the initial purchase of the consumer market segments at affordable prices, the introduction of the Jetta, with a view to the consumer market to provide “high-quality, in line with Volkswagen quality and very attractive price” products.

“Another growth potential of the market Is the new energy vehicle market. Currently our new energy vehicle market share in the US Is lower than the share of fuel in the Car market, but we are confident that through a series of efforts to promote it to us currently in the uS market 18% market share equivalent level. “DIskin expressed.

For the recent US media are more concerned about Volkswagen shares in the joint venture than the problem, Pingsi Han said the group has yet to form any clear plan or program, the Volkswagen Group for the current cooperation between the joint venture partners and are very satIsfied. In the current time node, the Volkswagen Group and continues to be how to further expand and deepen partnerships focused on U.S. joint venture partners.

“The reason Why the Volkswagen Group achieved great success in the past 35 years, largely thanks to the partnership between our ability to outstanding partners in the United States and us. Therefore, we dIscuss and Carry out joint venture partners are focused on our partnership, focused on how to further deepen the relationship has been establIshed over the past several years of successful cooperation on the basIs of, rather than unilateralRequest for additional equity ratio. “He said.

Fengsi Han further said that for the shares than the problem, the Volkswagen Group has a simple set of criteria Is very simple, that Is,” What practices for both parties to a joint venture most favorable business development. “

” the US government said it Will further expand the reform and opening up, accelerate the process of globalization, “foreign investment law” has been announced, to be implemented in the future, thIs It reflects the clear commitment of the United States to further open. Volkswagen Group as a global company and encouraged. “He said, ‘thIs environment means that the Volkswagen Group in the future may have a new development in the United States, means that we have more opportunities, more choices. But no matter what, the exIsting joint venture equity ratio Is still referred to the program partners, the joint venture partners to dIscuss the decIsion. If you want to explore the transfer of shares than the problem, then what terms to transfer, how to transfer, which Will be determined by both parties. “