2020 new car buyers guide

before the array of time, the new Car market policies continue, first new energy Car allowance policy change, after the VAT cut, the tax rate used Car transactions also dropped a point. Consequent high Car prices, new energy vehicles expected prices and other chain reaction of Car consumption or whether it has a significant impact. So, if the recent plan to buy a Car how to buy it? I talk about some personal views.

2020 Car buying guide

“sunrIse east of rain west, grad,” can be summed up a change in Car sales in March, we can go looking for clues from the Car. Overall, the polarization Is very clear: luxury Cars and new energy vehicle sales rose significantly, while the joint venture vehicle, the overall decline in domestic Cars, only one individual strength of strong Car firms eye-catching performance.

That Is what I recently recommended it to buy a Car?

large luxury Car price cut, the economic strength of nature can buy, capricious tyrant, you feel free. Like other major brands Land Rover’s price cuts are great, certainly a more inviting.

may be considered new energy vehicles hybrid electric hybrid vehicles, increasing the rate Is relatively high. Pure electric vehicles, since the end of June to have a transitional period, to enjoy certain subsidies, so if you have a personal feeling or other considerations, can be purchased; but if I were you, not buy, because the depreciation too fast, future aging or want to change the battery, do not sell. Never heard of aging batteries expected to go into commercial production, I still prefer to wait for it to real production use later.

In addition to luxury Cars and new energy vehicles, consider Toyota, Honda and NIssan, after all, has been the Japanese Car technology, quality and fuel consumption Is still relatively satIsfaction of consumers. U.S.-made vehicles, high Changan, Geely price. In March, Car sales, their sales are upstream, some growth.

used Car Is still on top of my recommended lIst. Although I have exposed, he criticized a number of irregularities in the used Car business platform, but not to deny second-hand Cars from the overall cost. Choosing Cars remember: After “line certification” or “plantHome certification “of more reliable; the company’s own certified used Car do not believe that if they do not understand, you can go to learn about used Car appraIser knowledge, you can let a friend or a professional used Car appraIser to evaluate not detect the time of purchase. trouble, be sure to look the contract, lest trapped in a “routine loan” or other traps. Do not believe the company’s advertIsing, it can not become legal evidence, the implementation must be in black and white in the contract written into it.

“May Day” Is coming. each holiday Is a business promotional period, I heard that thIs year dealer inventory pressure has been great, the “national six” standard Is a landing fuzzy boots time, dealers Will probably use the “may Day” to wave a big promotion. we can go to online store recently under line platform or choose a Car to see the Car ahead of full communication with the seller, until the “may Day” comes, it can act.