2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2020 pricing announced

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Pricing Announced 2020

force the war has ended. Horsepower battle in progress. With the decline in the cost of production continued to rIse, barely more than in 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 better example.

The suggested retail price of $ 70,300 divided by 760 (5.2 liters boost horsepower V-8 engine generated), equivalent to US $ 92.50 per pony. Mike Levine Ford North America Product Communications Manager on Twitter pointed out that thIs Is a great value:

However, looking at the price lIst dIsplayed on Mustang6g.com, your You Will find very easy to change the ratio. First, there Is an additional fee of $ 1,095 of destination. Next, to levy $ 2,600 in gasoline consumption tax – Come on, Uncle Sam. Thus, starting at $ 73,995 . Highway regulars Will choose Carbon fiber track kit, including Carbon fiber racing wheels and from the huge rear wing, priced at $ 18,500. Handling Kit Is a separate, additional aerospace components and adjustable suspension drill price of $ 1,500. I do not want to slide out of the driver’s seat during sharp turns, therefore, leather trim ReCaros must be $ 1,595.

Ford also makes it easier for buyers to personalize their GT500 appearance. TwIster orange paint three price Is $ 495. The roof Is painted black need $ 1,000. Top racing stripes on vinyl still have to spend $ 1,000, but painted to cost $ 10,000. We suspect that the choice of whether to paint ten times better, but both can be well compared with Shelby tradition. Price $ 3,000 technology package adds some fine things, such as upgraded stereo, power driver’s seat and a cool puddle lights, projected iconic Shelby Cobra.

a well-configured GT500 can be sold for $ 100,000, which makes the astonIshing horsepower ratio Is reduced. In any case, from ourThe performance of thIs super Broncos learned, it should be value for money. When we tested on road and track, we Will verify it.