2020 Ford Mustang GT overseas test drive: 6-speed manual Is the original sports car feeling

mention Ford, I believe many fans, friends should be a pretty good impression of the Ford Mustang. After all, most close to the people as a Ford Car models at home and abroad have some many fans. Today, Ford introduced the current can be said to be the most cost-effective V8 models, the Ford Mustang GT, we recently to 19 Ford Mustang GT models for a test drive in the overseas test drive down the overall feel though it Is 19 Car models, but with a six-speed manual transmIssion and Mustang gene accumulated, people feel very primitive, I had already felt to sit in hand with the soles of the feet sweat.

2020, paragraph Ford Mustang using EcoBoost, EcoBoost Premium, GT, GT Premium and Bullitt five alternative models, including Bullitt Is the world’s limited edition models, estimate domestic fans largely bypassed. ThIs time we test drive the Car for the top-spec V8-powered Mustang GT – with a six-speed manual transmIssion, although there Is no easy GT Premium 10-speed gearbox, but like to play Car fans, friends should be able to select 6-speed manual transmIssion . Start manual version priced at

rear-wheel drive Mustang GT was $ 629.9 (equivalent to 431,909 yuan), up $ 550 from last year’s Car prices. Extra prices are also vIsible, Coyote 5.0 liter V8 engine produces more power (399kW, rIsing 33kW) and torque (556Nm, rIsing 26Nm), some of course thanks to the multi-fuel injection and adjust 500rpm rotation speed limitation, 7500rpm. The engine also six-speed manual adjustment, and there Is a dual-mode exhaust system, starting from a large variety of Cars, with the change of driving mode becomes louder.

Interior digital dashboards and interior betterMaterial, while the appearance of several LED light source Is obtained, in particular taillights. Our test Car paint option of Orange Fury (US $ 550), stripe (US $ 650), forging the rim (2500 dollars), the adaptive shock ($ 2,750), and the somewhat narrow ReCaro bucket movement ($ 3,000), total to US $ 74,990 (equivalent to 514,191 yuan).

Mustang in terms of standard performance Is quite good, including Car headlights and wipers, LED lighting, four-mode digital dashboard, Ford Sync3 multimedia system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and satellite navigation, leather steering wheel and a manual transmIssion, a multimedia system and the performance of the meter and the timer fairly good stereo sound. But 19 Ford Mustang GT rear seats do not deserve to enter; a lot of support and huge transmIssion tunnel, the rear seat Is more like a storage box, rather than a place to sit people.

Mechanical aspects, there Is a set of six-pIston front brake Brembo, followed by a limited-slip differential. Staggered wheels (front different widths), front and rear edges of 19 x 9 inches, 9.5 inches wide after the rim, and with a high-SPORT 4 Michelin tires. 19, paragraph

chassIs tuning Ford Mustang GT Is sensitive to road conditions, especially if you choose the adaptive dampers. In the softest mode, it Is docile, compliant and refined to commute the speed to handle broken city road. The same settings can also make the Mustang more confidence in less than ideal conditions, more confidence and a sense of sense of assurance. Both ends of the Car have more feel and feedback, thIs part can be attributed to the Michelin tire group.

If you have some open road can play, the six governors insert the third, it was an absolute pleasure. Coyote V8 Is strong, and may achieve a linear directionAlthough long final drive gear ratio means you’ll spend most of the time on the first four gears, unless you are in a foreign country. Finally said exhaust, in the cabin, it’s like a super sports Car tenor quartet preparing for a concert, it sounds like a regular old V8, it Is a great thing.

before has been seen in movies like giving her a lot of play Cars Tyrant head back, driving a sports Car look old-fashioned, hand holding a 6-speed manual transmIssion. 19 Ford Mustang GT now appears, may make younger fans, friends do it, be regarded as a trend combined with the retro, thIs Car has only real people can understand.