2020 car most enduring a year, are downsizing, the current situation go from here?

A friend asked advice, in 2020 the automotive industry practitioners most enduring a year, are downsizing, the current situation go from here?

big ears brother would say: the courage to face the problem, in order to seize the initiative, which solves the problem!

2020 may not be the most enduring Audatex.cc year because of the global impact of the epidemic, as well as the domestic economy has not yet fully fermented.


Normally, as the past two years of economic downturn, real estate pressures and other factors, domestic car market has entered a saturation stage, the traditional fuel car sales, if there is no sub-machine policy, such as tax relief for the purchase, continued to decline in the coming years will be the norm.

due to the development period, the automotive industry, the influx of a lot of talent, but also cheaper to enter the new year, the traditional auto industry layoffs in the next few years will be the norm. In particular, are in private private and personal capacity and very under ordinary circumstances, resulting in layoff anxiety is normal.

So, the current situation, where to go?

First, blacksmith had its own hardware. Be proactive work attitude, work, spend more time than others in improving their ability. More learning to do new technology trends in new technologies, such as new energy vehicles is the future trend, usually you can spend more time in this capacity upgrade on. Sales do more to enhance their sales accomplishment, it does manage to know more about management tools. The same enterprise, key employees, laid off a large probability of risk is minimal.

“mixed” one word, could not carry the most risk!

Secondly, as far as possible the transition to new energy vehicles direction. New energy vehicles direction, the current demand for talent has not yet saturated, but also the risk of being laid off far less than traditional fuel automobile industry. You can take advantage of the opportunity or internal transfer Kong also issued a joint project, the new energy sector. Big ears brother to do some engine block design colleagues to do the steering motor housing or water-cooled design. Do project management and sales, turning the threshold will be lower.

Finally, look for opportunities to quit. Do not wait to notify the company laid off, take to change jobs, too passive, and very affecting mentality. Under such circumstances, in principle, is not recommended for big ears brother quit, however, they need their own team inside the company forThere is a clear understanding in order to plan ahead. Moreover, quit as state-owned enterprises have to choose, or large-scale enterprises with good word of mouth.

have big ears brother before a colleague, was a girl, very smart, she herself is very general, and let her learn to upgrade their new knowledge, they learn not to go. In this regard, she has a very clear understanding of their own, so, although in the new energy sector, there are signs of when the company laid off, she has found the state-owned enterprises, delivered a resume.

The SOE market busy season fire cooking oil, various criticized by practitioners. However, as state-owned property, to ensure that staff employment and social stability, in the winter season, but it is particularly user-friendly.

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