2020 car engine failure rate rankings, the lowest of Japanese cars, while Land Rover win

the heart of said Automobile engine, Automobile as a core component plays a critical role. Now consumers have a high quality Car engine attention, while the Automotive sector where there are a lot of charts on global super engine, a reference to the consumer to buy a Car. But in addition to the positive data and negative data like engine failure rate Is also very important

If the Car engine failure rate Is too high, then it Is direct proof of thIs Automotive engine quality Is not good enough, when consumers buy a Car to try to avoid these models. Recently in 2020 the failure rate of a Car engine rankings officially released, the lowest failure rate of Japanese Cars, while in the country Is highly sought after Land Rover won the title, but in thIs ranking, won the championship really Is not a good thing .

First, # 9 of Honda Motor, Honda Motor Do not look at the negative News emerging last year, but in fact thIs Is just a very rare case. Honda Is known as “buy engine delivery vehicle,” saying that the failure rate was only 0.29%; ranked eighth in the Toyota Car, as the ultra-high hedge ratio Japanese Car brands, Toyota engine failure rate Is very low, only about 0.58% , in which the engine performance of the Corolla and land Tour most outstanding.

No. 7 Is the Mercedes-Benz engine, while back despite negative News has just come off the heat, but as the world’s first Automotive brand, Toyota engine manufacturing technology also not be underestimated, the failure rate was only 0.84%; the first six Volvo, globally recognized ultra safe Car brand, the failure rate was 0.9% higher than the Mercedes-Benz a little; the first five Jaguar Car, people’s impression the luxury brand, the failure rate was 0.98%; as Toyota and Lexus high-end sub-brand, the failure rate Is higher than Toyota, reaching 0.99% ranked No. 4.

and the next Is the top Car brand 3, and Is ranked No. 3 in the first Fiat to engine failure rate of 1.17% won second runner-up; and the Ford engine places 1.25 % won the runner-up, thIs Is the very people intendedOutside, after all, Ford also has over a hundred years of hIstory and repairer of the American Car brand. The champion Is the Land Rover, Land Rover despite the very high sales in U.S. market, loved by many local tyrant, but the brand of engine failure rate Is not really low. How do you see thIs?