2019 Ford Mustang GT First Drive

2019 Ford Mustang GT first lane

try to make a Car such as the Ford Mustang true to its roots, but the latest Is tricky thing. TraditionalIsts like the Mustang in its purest form, a large throat muscles with the powerful V8 and manual transmIssion. However, the operation of ordinary Car owners want a better, more fuel-efficient, and does not look right style. American Graffiti.

ThIs Is the problem in its sixth generation of the Ford Mustang when the update faced. Ford even want to sell thIs unique American Car in Europe, so it Is clear that the Broncos need for dramatic changes. For thIs purpose 2015 Ford Mustang style Is the future, not the past, independent rear suspension, and Ford’s EcoBoost turbo four-cylinder. These changes angered those who want to make the Broncos are not affected by these things. However, these changes are successful, as updated in 2019, completely modern Mustang Is more suitable to compete with competitors.

2019 Ford Mustang Is an updated version of the current generation of Cars. With the style of some adjustments to update the external, traditional dashboard Is completely digital, which Will complement the new menu options. Solid upgrade can be found throughout the drive system, an optional active suspension helps the driver maintain control. 5.0 liters of V8 and 2.3-liter EcoBoost power plants still supply, but naturally aspirated V6 has been sent to pasture .V8 has been re-engineered to produce 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. Its engine speed Is also increased, up to 7500 rpm. ThIs Is the Chevrolet Camaro 6.2-liter V8, cranks 455 horsepower, and the Dodge Challenger 6.4 liters V8, 485-horsepower jet. Mustang two mills can be coupled with a six-speed manual transmIssion, or a new 10-speed Automatic transmIssion.

Past analog gauge an information screen has dIsappeared in the dashboard cluster, instead of 12 inches digital gauge across the liquid crystal screen. When the navigation Is opened, the direction of the dashboard dIsplays, allowing access to a variety of menus, and patterning changes according to the mode used. a lot ofSettings can also be customized and saved in the driver configuration file. Different preset modes, such as “sports” and “track” can still be in a switch, but now through the menu of the dashboard, the individual parameters can be adjusted, for example, a driver may prefer a more compact sport mode, but would rather have a more soft suspension settings from the “normal” mode.


configuration file, just click a button you can easily save it. Camaro and Challenger also provide driving mode, and LCD screens in the gauge cluster them, but Mustang was the first to go fully digital. Digital instrumentation Is undoubtedly an upgrade, but in addition to fun animation, such as dIsplay speed in performance mode outside the top of the screen, we believe that Ford did not take full advantage of the potential of the screen. When the direction of the navigation route occurs when a passenger playing audio settings, you can choose to switch to a map, it would be a good choice. In contrast, the Audi virtual cockpit, set a high standard for all digital control panel capability. Any aspect of thIs Car Is compared with the Audi seem unusual, but thIs Is inevitable, because the Automaker’s German art shows, how dynamic digital instrument.

“Tracking Applications” return and access again through the dashboard. The tire smoke wire lock, and speed maintaining emIssion control, the addition of a tow bar pattern now, those designed to Automatically select the 10 speed. It Is similar to a manual control to start the Car, but the use of the Autopilot to load the box to send out the best sprint from the production line. Any reference to “drag” mode Will immediately bring it to the devil to avoid the challenger but the Broncos need to double the horsepower can be achieved. When the new horsepower Shelby 1000 Is ready for use. In addition, the cockpit remained similar to last year. Large, bulky dashboard of panels, with the same airplane drive mode switch control, but only for the rear seats desperate people.

a naked gas turbine Mustang starts at $ 35,095, then only go up. Compared with the price of equipment Is quite large wasps and Dodge Challenger, and it seems to be a solid value. However, you chose the high-end trim, which makes it reach 39,095 US dollars baseline levels. Providing a wheel, and a seat paintChair of a large number of customization options, and performance package. Track damping system add up quickly. In short, our test equipment, Is equipped with a six-speed manual, and ultimately reached $ 48265. Brand loyalty for racing enthusiasts Is a great choice. Nevertheless, we still believe that if you get a weekend Mustang keys, and directed onto something completely dIstorted way, you can not curb your excitement. 2019 models fast speed, balance and reasonable, and has a future doctrine of the cockpit, the cockpit than its other models.

2019 Mustang thIs fall into the dealer.