2019 Ford Mustang for the first time driving the V8 comments recovery

From the beginning of 1964 Mustang through the mountains or in the city parade winds. It Is obvious affinity driving: good roads, good weather, a Mustang Is even in the case of traffic congestion can also make you feel good. ThIs Is a perfect test.

Mustang can now handle Is not surprIsing, because from a dynamic point of view, 2019 to establIsh thIs tradition – to find out what makes the 2019 Ford Mustang needs to correct.

a large part of the attractiveness of modeling, Los Angeles Is a place you can see the world, so that more people can see your products. In thIs regard, section 2019 faces some challenges. These shapes have accepted the revIsed initially mixed. It Is no longer a “fusion of sports Car”, but it also lost a lot of intangible things. Since Ford cancel the package, I have been pondering thIs question, I assert that thIs Is a not-so-reasonable design. It Is in bright, bold colors, such as orange or triple yellow fury, but here’s royal crimson looks very flat. From the appearance point of view, it Is still a Mustang. We look forward to the final appearance of some sharp.

to get more attention on the boulevard it Is the sound of it, at least in the form of GT. It Is ferocious. Mustang chief engineer Karl Wiedemann told me that the first requirement on the last Car of them Is to get V8 engine louder. Equipped with active exhaust valve performance, and uses motion mode, it sends roar intoxicated.

in it, some of the test vehicle, GTS and EooPosits, has a new 30-inch all-digital gauge cluster. It looks amazing, and each offers a different layout mode. You can also override the default layout, and choose your own. Ford in normal mode, using the classic two-track layout, keep things simple and easy to understand, and with increasing intensity mode, increasing the straightforward nature. Track mode to you just basic: a large bar tachometer, speedometer offset, and coolant temperature and fuel level dIsplay. It Is better than we expected in the.

2The biggest change in the 019 section of the center console are the following new 10-speed Automatic transmIssion, known as 10R and joint development with General Motors, available in both engines. Although there are four gear ratios and more outgoing 6R80, but it usually perform well. Its goal Is to reduce the calibration, so that the transmIssion gears can be three or four out not go wrong. In fact, third gear downshift (I have seen in a normal maximum speed test) and six-speed Car in second gear downshift feel not much different. It Will soon be able to meet, especially in the sports and track mode. Eject gear selector lever moves and they do not seem to affect the shift speed S, which Is satIsfactory.

I usually say so, because I opened three 10R turbocharged engine. Turbocharged engines and Automation equipment work well, so I used the new 10-speed engine bought a Kona Blue EcoBoost. But it Is people feel a bit slow. In the selection and use of the shift down movement pattern selection.

Similarly, GT Automatic because a large torque and a lot of gear, I worry 10R stumble on the road LATGO stronger canyon. It Is cruIsing in the normal mode and the like in the moving speed of prey 10 performance. Basically, it’s like you’d expect a modern Autopilot.