2019 automotive interior scale rIsing, personalized, customized become a trend, “badge”

Automotive interior rIsing scale, constitutes a major concern becomes comfort factor

Automotive interior products including instrument panels, door guard panels, armrest, pillar guard, Carpet, roof, air conditioning control panel, door handles, etc., usually have decorative, functional and security attributes directly related to the quality of interior comfort of the Car.

In recent years, the trend of consumption upgrade, Car travel gradually weakening property. When consumers finally ready to buy a Car, vehicle comfort became the first property of interest when consumers buy, and Auto reputation, promotion and fuel consumption and other attention, only about 20%.

Is, therefore, become a quality Car interior of a large core selling point, Car interiors thus usher in rapid development of the industry. Data show that by 2016, global Automotive interiors market size of $ 61.7 billion, Is expected to 2016-2020, the global industry compound annual growth rate of 7.51%.

U.S., as the world’s largest Car sales country, the interior size of the market accounted for about 25% of the world, cycling interior Is slightly lower than the global average value. With the upgrading of consumption, the value of cycling interior Is expected to rIse gradually, interior size of the market growth rate Is expected to exceed 7.5%.

At thIs stage, our OEMs are accelerating configuration Automotive interior products. 2012-2016, interior products accounted for increased proportion of vehicle cost, currently accounting for interior vehicle cost has exceeded 20%.

In competitive terms, the interior overseas giants including Fuji Ya, Antun forest, west, Toyota Boshoku, Lear, Magna, etc., within accessories business to achieve revenue of more than $ 5 billion mainly Fuji Ya, Anton forest. Upstream and downstream from the point of view of OEMs, Faurecia, Antun forest, Lear, Magna etc in the global Car companies supporting, Japan and South Korea tend to interiors suppliers to the Japanese and Korean brands of OEM supplier .

domestic interiors market Is showing a pattern of superpower and many of situation, Huayu Automotive Department’s Yanfeng lead more obvious, downstreamCustomers include New York Volkswagen, New York GM, SAIC Motor, FAW-Volkswagen, Ford, modern New York, the Great Wall, JAC, Geely; Ningbo Huaxiang, Top Group, Dai Mei shares, Changshu joint venture successfully into the steam ornaments etc. brand; Xinquan shares of its own brand focus, achieve rapid growth.

customization become a major development trend of Automotive interiors industry

to the development process of integration. Currently, Automotive trim production technology has reached a high level, the process for future research Will be limited to quantify, but Will tend to optimize the process details. As the assembly gradually emerging trend of product development, enterprIses in the industry to provide more status Carmakers trim assembly products. , Companies need to keep the equipment, tooling, materials and processes Carried out in order to further optimize production processes, improve production efficiency of the overall study, the injection part of the front and rear step fusion, achieve process integration development, which Will help improve Automobile accessories production efficiency, reduce production costs. At the same time, through the integration process, the production process to reduce human intervention, so as to effectively improve product precIsion, and can reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. Therefore, the process towards an integrated development for sustainable development of enterprIses, Will become an inevitable trend of technological development in the future of the industry.

customized, personalized, brand become a trend. customization refers to the owner for a personalized Car accessories solutions, and to be met within a very short period of time; at the same time, the owner can participate in the design and manufacture of Car accessories, and gradually became part of the Carefully crafted requiring the owner of .

Carefully built a huge market demand, Car accessories Will further market segments, well-built for the owners to provide well-built service, in the face of well-built Jushi brand on the market, and well-built Car accessories due to the ridiculously high price does not, it Will become the choice of intermediate owners.

personalized customer base means further subdivided, age, occupation, vehicle, Automotive grade, gender, preferences and so Will be the owner of the customer segmentation of the reference standard, the Car accessories personalized according to diverse segments of these groups. In addition, researchStudy the changing needs of female owners, Will also become a major highlight industry trends in personalization.

Finally, the current Car accessories market Is not very brand appears, was not able to produce sufficient influence of big business, but brand consumer awareness of the owners has been very strong in thIs market Will produce some degree of public enterprIses have become a priority owners to purchase jewelry.

The above data and analytics are derived in the forward-looking industry Research Institute “2019–2023 American Automotive interior industry market demand analysIs and investment planning.”

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