2019 auto parts enterprIses “double-100” lIst publIshed, Weifang, U.S. and other short-lIsted domain

Blue Whale Car October 30 News report produced by the American Automobile organization in 2019 international Auto parts enterprIses and domestic Auto parts enterprIses hundred hundred (hereinafter referred to as the “double hundred strong “) in the lIst released today.

2019 “double-100” lIst with more than 500 Auto parts enterprIses in 2019 operating income of only basIs, excluding the general industry poll of subjective factors. A leading international consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy 2019 “double-100” lIst and the 2019 Auto market changes linked to in-depth analysIs, and the 2019 “double-100” lIst to interpret, compiled a white paper.

White Paper pointed out that parts industry segments each segment of future trends and the downstream industry Is closely related to the vehicle; electrification, Autopilot, digital three major industry trends Will profoundly affect subversive zero parts business prospects. Segments in the long term, electric power systems, advanced vehicle control and sensor systems, telematics systems Will usher in major development opportunities; some traditional small-dIsplacement engine fuel system represented in the short term to maintain growth.

Roland Berger expects short-term global Automotive supplier Will achieve sustained but slow revenue growth, growth remained around 3%, the industry average profit margin Will stabilize at 7 %. Currently, the trend of high domestic growth has slowed, in the long run, the Auto parts market Will return to rational development. Affected by thIs, local parts enterprIses Will face increased competition, lower value-added products such as current predicament.

2019 domestic Auto parts enterprIses hundred lIst (part)

It Is worth noting that in 2019 the international hundred lIst, the billion dollar level there are 17 companies, selected minimum annual revenues of $ 13.134 billion yuan. LIst, Germany, Japan, the US parts business front rank, the international mainstream hundred lIst of enterprIses, but there are still 18 US Auto parts companies selected. These companies represent the American forces advanced US Auto parts industry, reflects the strength of the US independent parts business.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Global PartnershipGang Fangyin Liang analysIs pointed out that in 2019 with annual revenue of U.S.’s Auto parts hundred enterprIses totaled more than 1.15 trillion yuan, an increase of 36.32% compared to 2016, selected the lowest revenues increased from 1.4 billion yuan in 2016, 1.888 billion yuan, scale has become increasingly prominent.

“parts business profitability, R & D investment Is directly related to the US Auto industry can grow stronger.” Deputy Secretary-General Yan Jian American Society of Automotive Engineers to indicate that, from entering the “double hundred “on the uS lIst of the number of enterprIses and the main business income, you can see that the uS Auto parts openness and internationalization are increasing, our progress for the uS Auto parts industry was pleased. But the excitement was not pleased, because the United States Is not strong enough parts enterprIses, with the international advanced level there are still some gaps.

Thus, the US Auto parts enterprIses should continue to strengthen self-developed core technology, advanced products and improve added value, Carrying out international joint venture for the US Auto industry to grow stronger provide power. (Blue whale Automobiles Yi Nin)