2019 annual global MitsubIshi Motors Will launch three new vehicles, two special models for the Japanese!

MitsubIshi Motors announced 2019 earnings overall revenue in the May 9, until March 2019 the global cumulative sales of 2016 compared to the same period last year grew 19% to 1.011 million units, estimated in 2019 by Eclipse Cross Expander and double models, can once again grow to 125 million. But the most important in thIs earnings briefing them, or the upcoming MitsubIshi Motors revealed 3 new models in Japan 2 new models planned in the global market!

In 2019 sales performance last year, the Japanese market to benefit from the light Automatic vehicle eK Wagon, after two models redesigned eK Space booming Car sales, plus delica D: 5 as the center of Active Gear critically acclaimed series, compared to the same period in 2016 grew 23% to 98,000 units. In the year 2019, due to the introduction of new models and sales financing MMC Diamond Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary, which Is expected to increase by 7% to 105,000 vehicles.

aspects of the region Is to benefit from the next generation of cross-border MPV Xpander get a tremendous response to the lIsting in September last year, the market grew by 33% compared to the same period in 2016 came to 275,000 station. Market after the United States benefit from the New York Automobile MitsubIshi Outlander domestically, compared to the same period in 2016 grew by 55% to 136,000 units.

Finally, in other markets, due to the new SUV Eclipse Cross since the end of last year began in Europe, Australia, North America and the Japanese market, plus the original Triton trucks, Pajero Sport models such as the relative stability of sales, I believe in 2019 to enhance the overall sales of MitsubIshi Cars should have been easy.

while the Japanese market launch of two new models, although not informed of the details in the press conference, but from October 2019 release mid-term management plan mentioned in 2020 Will launch a whole new generation Delica D: 5 and the new light Automobile point of view, Delica D: 5 has been determined Will be the facelift,The other, a light Automatic Car probably NMKV (NIssan and MitsubIshi Motors joint venture of light Automatic vehicle R & D Center) developed a light crossover SUV.

and new models part of thIs year, the Outlander PHEV small change models in March at the Geneva Motor Show, has identified sales in Japan in August, with comprehensive improvement of 90% of the PHEV system, while increasing the output and fuel efficiency, commodity force Will once again increase, but also allow MitsubIshi Motors chief executive Osamu Masuko at a press conference called: new models of investment Will lead the MitsubIshi Motors V-type the rally Is not a dream!

Asian strategic models part, thIs year Will be Xpander mainly exported to ASEAN ASEAN region, including the left-hand drive areas of the Philippines and Vietnam also have started output.

the United States in 2019 was mainly relying on its channels Eclipse Cross of import and New York Automobile MitsubIshi intact mainly due to the SUV market Is booming in the United States, and therefore Eclipse Cross high fighting Will inevitably also led MitsubIshi Motors in the US market Will have better performance.