2019, 6 of the world’s largest auto manufacturer revenue and profits

In thIs paper the hIstorical area of ​​the article, Is described in 2019, revenues and profits of six major Car manufacturers worldwide hIstorical past.

Russia in 2019, six major Car manufacturers worldwide revenue and profits, made a presentation and evaluation, the following specific elements:

Germany, Japan and the United States Automobile manufacturers, has long occupied an important share of the global market.

the Automotive industry, according to an international organization, in 2019 global production of 95 million vehicles.

We accordance with the relevant Global 2000 lIst, the six major Car manufacturers worldwide 2019 revenues and profits are described and evaluated.

First, Japan’s Honda Motor Co., revenue 142.6 billion US dollars, profit of 6.6 billion US dollars

Honda was founded in 1948 , initially only involved a motorcycle. . Within a few years, thanks to the development of the four-stroke engine itself, its products in the Japanese market share of 15%. In 1967, Honda became the largest motorcycle manufacturer, has kept the title.

Today, the Automotive industry by selling its main revenue earned (70%), motorcycles accounted for 13% of sales. Honda’s largest market Is North America, followed by Asia and Japan.

Second, the US General Motors, revenues 1,470 billion, profit of $ 8.1 billion

General Motors, Is a legendary American Car manufacturers. Initially, it includes Olds Motor Vehicle Company and Buick company, and later joined the Cadillac, Oakland (Punta Di Yake), Chevrolet.

manufacture and sale of Automotive revenue, almost 92% of total revenue. It has Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Holden and other brands.

Third, the US Ford Motor Company, revenues 1,603 billion, profit of $ 3.7 billion

of the company by the American inventor and industrialIst Henry Ford ( henry Ford) was founded in 1903.

HIstorically, Ford’s two models (GAZ-A and GAZ-AA), under license to production in the Soviet GAZ.

In today’s world, the company has more than 60 companies.

Automobile manufacturing and sales for Ford brings more than 92 percent of sales, the company sells 60% of Cars in the United States. Other major markets in Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany, 5-7% of Car sales in each of these countries.

Fourth, the German company Daimler revenue 1,974 billion, profits of 8.6 billion US dollars

the company was founded in 1883. Today, multinational companies involved in areas including Cars, midsize Cars and heavy trucks.

It has a Mercedes – Benz, Smart, Maybac, Fuso, Freightliner, BharatBenz and Setra brands.

Car sales for the company to bring 85% of revenue, of which 14% in Germany; the rest of Europe accounted for 26%; 24.6% in the United States; 23.5% in Asian countries and regions .

Fifth, Toyota, revenues 2,721 million US dollars, profit of 17.2 billion US dollars the brand’s hIstory began Toyoda Automatic loom factory loom, Japanese inventor and industrialIst Sakichi Toeda in 1924 and began producing looms.

In 1933, a new direction Is determined, to Carry out Car production in 1937 regIstered an independent Car company.

The company manufactures and sells Toyota, Lexus, Hino and Daihatsu brands. The main markets are North America (35%), Japan (31%), Asia (15%) and Europe (10%), Automobile production and sales has brought almost 90% of revenue.

Sixth, the German Volkswagen Group revenue 278.2 billion US dollars, profit of $ 14 billion

the company’s predecessor was founded in 1937. Today, it VW, Audi, Seat, Porsche, Skoda and Bentley brand passenger Car sales, as well as Scania and MAN commercial vehicles. The manufacturer has 120 industrial facilities around the world.

The company’s sales in Germany accounted for 19%, about 43% in other European countries, North America and Asia accounted for 17%.

ThIs article aims to explore the hIstory and interpretation of hIstory, hIstory as a mirror to the hIstory of reference today.