1966 Ford Mustang Convertible A-Code 4 speed

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible A-Code 4 Speed ​​

1966 Ford Mustang A-code Is a convertible, by the Hettche Motor Sales sold to Henry Ford hospital, used as fleet vehicles. According to reports, the Car stopped after one year in service, and sold to its first private owners in the mid-1967 until 2009 was only transferred to the second owners of the same family. After the 2013 acquIsition by the seller, it Is again the sheet metal replacement, and then repainted in the factory Ivy Green. Power from the 289ci V8, reportedly rebuilt under the previous ownership, and with a 4-speed manual transmIssion. Other options include a limited slip differential, special operations package, power steering and Rally-Pac gauge. ThIs document provides tracking Mustang seller’s name in a new and clean, Ohio title of ownership.

the Car in the new Ivy Green completed, and with the current owners received bare-metal repaint together. Right side passenger door and fender are replaced before paint job, replacement parts contained in the sale. Date code of the other panels taken in the following gallery. For the next quarter panel and rear deck plate was repaired, while new antenna and external signs installed.

a 14 “x6” steel wheel instead of the factory unit, and installs red BFGoodrich tire. Special handling package with a new front and rear springs comprIsing a stiffer, heavy shock absorbers, front faster and larger in diameter than the steering pendulum. Black power soft-top raIses and lowers the dIsplay in the photo, and includes a matching cap.

Optional console black vinyl trim and interior decoration group including luxury belt, artificial walnut steering wheel, on the door courtesy lights, Pony relief seat cover with a pIstol grip molded door, stainless steel, and wood trim decals. In the wake of the recent re-painting, new Carpet installed in modern insulation materials.

5 by dialing instrument cluster “Rally-Pac “tachometer connected, the clock mounted on the steering column, but there Is an additional instrument Is not yet connected. Factory AM radio with modern aftermarket appear together in the cup holder on the dashboard. According to the seller to say, cigarette lighter, leftmost the heater rod, fuel gauge, seat belt warning lamp and the washing liquid sprayer Will not work. 18k miles odometer dIsplay, and that the seller has a scroll.

It has been reported, a 289ci V8 and the code rebuilt with a new owner before the pIston, the valve spring, the rocker arm shaft and roller bearings, as well as aftermarket replacement of the water pump and the Carburetor and the intake port. the engine Is equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox, about 1970 Is replaced by a second owner, and plant and 3.00: 1 the limited slip differential pair

As shown in FIG. before the recent repainting of the floor frame rails and torque box was repaired. other work includes installing a dual exhaust, power steering pump and rebuild a new old stock bumper. the Car earlier thIs year Petrolicious characterIstics of the video,