1953 Fiat vintage car, V8 engine, a multi-million dollar auction

115 horsepower, dIsplacement 1996 ml, OHV V8 engine, four-speed manual transmIssion, four-wheel independent suspension coil spring, four hydraulic drum brakes. It seems not enough to have such a great value.

ThIs Car has a lot of unique. Because in all the famous Car manufacturer in Italy, Fiat usually produce four-cylinder engine and, in 1907, Fiat was the first time the production of six-cylinder engine, the V12 engine into production in 1921, however, until 1952, Fiat was the first production one has an eight-cylinder engine models, it has entrenched its chassIs and engine of the vehicle and its equally special.

thIs 8V models produced only two years, but the brand Is still the most legendary Car. In the March 1952 Geneva Motor Show, thIs was the birth of Fiat Auto to focus on the Automotive press. Car magazine “Road & Track” as “the biggest surprIse of the whole year,” “The Motor” wrote, “The Last expectations from Italy’s largest Automobile factory Is a truly streamlined two Cars.”

thIs Fiat 8V has in all respects perfect delicate body, a master craftsman of Southern California and its fine inspection and repair. The famous Italian Car expert Tony Nicosia involved in the whole restoration project, and its owner, an Italian Car enthusiasts, personally supervIsed the process of dIsassembly and reassembly of the body. Many member

restores the original functional specifications and details of the headlamp ,, Carello, Marchal’s lights, including the original mechanical fuel pump including have been repaired.

the engine and transmIssion Is restored to a proper cycle, Fiat 8V expert Tony Krivanek, it Is the owner of the Car before restoration also involved in the early hIstory of research and monitoring projects stage.