16 models of cars in the hIstory of the best voices straight 6 engine, thIs motorcycle inventory models also had the honor lIst

Toyota Supra (MKIV): Since 2JZ able to improve handling, they (seem) now can produce at least 1000 horsepower. Think about it, 2JZ may actually be the best ever straight 6.

Aston Martin DB5: Aston Martin DB5 with its incredible appearance as James Bond’s Car It Is known for the role, but its engine Is a gem. The four liters inline six-cylinder engine Is not as modern Cars so loud, but it still sounds incredible.

Ford Falcon: Australia’s Ford Falcon may have a Barra straight six engine, it sounds great, especially when the turbocharger. Online video burning tires very well demonstrated its ability to

BMW M1: BMW M1 has a lot of bright spots, including whether it was the first mass-produced mid-engine BMW. But do not forget, M88 straight six engine M1 Is also legendary. The modified version even into the first M5.

Jaguar Mk 2:. Of course, E-Type Jaguar Is not the only quality has a straight-six engine. Mk.2 also Issued an excellent noIse. Especially at full speed race.

Datsun 260Z: NIssan S30 has many advantages. It looks incredible, handling Is very good, prices are very competitive. But it Is also a NIssan L series of outstanding straight-six engine. About L24 and L28, it can be said to have a lot of good things, but we prefer L26.

TVR SagarIs: TVR SagarIs look very ridiculous, notoriously difficult to drive, and by a company that no longer exIsts built. Not a reasonableThe reasons to have it, but lIsten to the howling straight 6 engine, you can not help but want it.

Volvo V60 Polestar: It may be transversely mounted, but the V60 Polestar’s straight six voices still sounds great. It has an exhaust valve to open and close, so you can still take advantage of the engine, and your neighbors Will not wake in the morning.

NIssan Skyline GT-R (R32): it Is more than 276 horsepower advertIsed, it sounds great noIse .

Jaguar E-Type: arguably the best looking Car ever, it Is easy to focus on the E-Type’s order incredibly appearance and gloss. However, while you can eventually buy a V12, but the E-Type was initially powered by the best straight-6 engines ever built. It’s noIse sounds great.

Austin-Healey 3000: People like Austin Healey 3000 appearance, but it should also praIsed the noIse emitted. Dazhi six have a wonderful roar, it Is easy to be attracted.

BMW M3 (E46): There Is more than some of the legendary BMW M3, but also more than some of the legendary BMW straight 6. But perhaps the best combination Is the E46 M3 and its naturally aspirated S54. It was fantastic.

Honda CBX: Honda motorcycle late 1970s using a 1000cc six cylinder direct double cam with four valve head, lIsten very nice. Six aftermarket exhaust system by pretending, it sounds like an old F1 Car.

Maserati 3500 GTi: Maserati GT model Is the first success of 3500 GT and later the 3500 GTi. ThIs Car looks incredible, engine certainly did not dIsappoint. Its mechanical fuel injection straight six voices still very good.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL: About 300 SL, you can say almost endless good thing. But if you go beyond the gorgeous design, the iconic gull-wing doors, as well as the status of a super sports Car demonstrable, you still need to talk about the engine. M198 provides tremendous power on which it Is based M186, it also sends an excellent noIse.

Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG: BMW probably the most Car manufacturers associated with inline six-cylinder, but Mae Sai Fernandez also use them for many years. Rare C36 AMG straight 6 engine noIse Is particularly nice.