10 models of car should roll Coupe models launched if the horse 6 coupe would you start it?

Honda Accord: We are very sorry to hear that Honda Will not launch its latest generation of Honda Accord two-door version. We called the previous generation Coupe final of a true American muscle Car, thanks to its old style of driving experience.

Subaru WRX STI: In 1998, the STI Subaru manufacturing a sports version Is called 22B. Considering the Subaru hatchback version Will not be sold to the current US STI, and it Will not launch a more powerful BRZ, we see a great opportunity to launch STI coupe. The price Is much higher than the BRZ, probably harder than the STI sedan, we hope to give us a Subaru STI coupe choice.

Bin Limu yet: While Mu Coupe does not exIst yet, but it Is worth noting that Bentley Is making some of the Cabriolet – even though they did not enter the US market. If you really need a big two-door coupe, you can always call thIs depot, so that they make a customized version for you.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: Giulia Quadrifoglio Is one of the best handling Cars currently on sale, but the lack of one important thing: two-door version. Like M4, RS5 and C63 S coupe thIs Car means that it must have market. Alpha have to do Is launch it.

Chrysler 300: FCA in dIstinguIshing the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger has done very well, handling more attention than the luxury and comfort of 300. But if there Dodge Challenger, Chrysler Why not launch a large and very muscular sports Car?

Lincoln Continental: Lincoln definitely worth launched the latest two-door version. Taking into account the hIstory of the Lincoln Continental, which applies not only to design two-door sedan form, also applies to the two-door coupe. If you want to return to Lincoln luxury Car segment, it should give up the tail of the Lincoln Continentaldoor.

6 Mazda: Mazda 6 has a lot to do. In the midsize sedan field, it Is the best looking, but also one of the best handling Cars. With thIs success, we think Mazda should go back to the era as the 626 coupe also sold

Porsche Parra Meira: Porsche Parra Mela in appearance shortcomings, did not make up for the driving dynamics of the defect, which Is Why we believe that the introduction of the Porsche 928 and manufacturing should Parra Mela two-door version. Front-engine layout Will Parra Meira 911 Coupe just in time, we have a feeling it Will be much more attractive than the sedan.

from Elias Tingge: Stringer Kia’s new Car since its launch by the end of 2019 has been well received. It Is a fashion model and certainly worth launched a two-door version. With the launch of the BMW 4 Series, Audi A5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe models, such as we see no reason to Kia should not emulate.

Tesla Model S: Coupe people for years been arguing for the Tesla Model S, for many reasons. It has an attractive design looks great in coupe form, making the Model S more stylIsh fashion.