Your car Is handed over these five insurance? Do not pay, nothing big!

Now the Car Is becoming more common, and most people have their own private Car. We bought a new Car on the first vehicle license plate, then Is to give the insurance on the Car, but many novice owners of vehicle insurance Is not very good, it Is easy to be fooled insurance company personnel to live, let us take a look at what Is no insurance on the need to do? Comprehensive experience Is the majority owner of the five main vehicle insurance and not much use.

a, spontaneous combustion rIsk

spontaneous combustion Is placed under the Car in the process, there Is no source of imported fire situation, due to the temperature outside and comprehensive reasons for the phenomenon of burning up their own Car, thIs Car Is in fact for the probability of occurrence Is very small. There Is a new Car within three years of purchase spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not necessary, because the new Car has a shelf life of three years, if spontaneous combustion and other Issues if the vehicle belongs to quality problems, can find manufacturers claim. And the purchase of new vehicles do not attempt to change their own line, once spontaneous combustion were to happen, manufacturers are also not given compensation. With the increase of the age of the Car, the condition Will decline year by year, thIs time can be spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance, but the longer the investment spontaneous combustion Car insurance rates Will be higher. In fact, the rIsk of spontaneous combustion Car Is mainly for two reasons, oil pipeline and line failure, in fact, often as long as the rIsk of vehicle inspection and maintenance time, the spontaneous combustion Is almost zero, so the spontaneous combustion rIsk in our view Is actually very unnecessary Up.

Second, pilfer

The first Insurance understand that thIs Is only for the vehicle in case of robbery Will be given compensation, if only parts of the vehicle or the vehicle’s wealth Is not reparation. There Is in fact a case of robbery appears the vehicle Is still very little, mostly in such cases new Cars, and vehicles depreciate very big, so Cars do not buy the necessary pilfer. There Is now everywhere monitoring, to steal an entire Car Is very easy to find the child. So thIs Insurance Is relatively tasteless.

Third, scratches insurance

also belongs scratches insurance loss of vehicle insurance in the additional rIsk, most insurance companies only for the purchase of a new vehicle or Car insurance two or three years, and scratches insurance refers to scratch the Car alone, not including scratches produced Car collIsion while driving and, unless someone Is deliberately give you Car below the belt to scratches. If a collIsion occurs scratches walk caustic danger in normal driving can be a claims. Scratches insurance amounts, usually 2,000 yuan, general repair small scratches himself also does not take so much money, so thIs Is also not necessary on the insurance of.

Fourth, the glass breakage alone

It should be Note that the vehicle breakage alone, does not belong, it Is the vehicle insurance in the additional insurance within the scope of loss of vehicle insurance, if the glass Car accidents occurred broken, Is not within the coverage of attention literal meaning, and it Is only broken glass alone Will give the claim, unless some special cases, man-made deliberately broken glass and other reasons, but thIs Is what we can to avoid, so the role of insurance Is not great.

Fifth, the rIsk wading

wading insurance also a special engine damage insurance, thIs Is designed for Automotive engine add additional insurance Is paid for after the engine inlet leading to engine damage insurance. And the insurance compensation only engine failure caused by water, then other parts of the water Is based on claims of caustic danger. If the engine Is generally where water can believe that we are not going to try to go entered, so that if the insurance Is not often drive to a special wading areas, Is not much on the necessary.

In fact, several more additional rIsk vehicle, also varies vary by Car, where just give advice, claims the details given by different insurance companies Is not the same, so before insurance, orTo understand the scope of each of insurance involved, or to find a sensible ask clear and then on, avoid spending unnecessary money.