Your car insurance yet? These five auto insurance do not have access, do not be fooled!

your Car insurance yet? These five Auto insurance do not have access, do not be fooled!

Now the Car for people’s lives really done a great convenience, so now the Car Is more and more into our lives, often on the road to see some congestion phenomenon also proved the annual Car ownership Is constantly in ascension, so we know it? After buying the Car certainly give it some insurance on the Car, so, when Will we travel much more protection, if a traffic accident occurs also able to put our losses to a minimum.

Apart from the state mandatory to pay the compulsory traffic insurance, many people still want to buy some commercial property insurance when buying insurance, then for the insurance of the type it Is too much, a lot of people do not know to buy their own insurance in the end Is what are the benefits? Even seasoned old driver also feel it Is rather vague, today we come to talk about, there are five kinds of insurance Is not required to buy insurance at the time, thIs Is the police gave us a reminder, if you buy the insurance really Is The company basically do not have access to charity.

the first type glass insurance. Refers to the period of insurance, our vehicles in use, if by the individual damage, the insurance company to give us appropriate insurance compensation, but the case of our glass and body other part of some of the damage Is not reparation, say upstairs fell off a brick falls on your head, it has a roof and windshield damage, then the insurance company in thIs case Is justified in refusing compensation, if thIs piece of glass directly hit the glass with only glass broken, and that families would lose.

The first two kinds of scratches insurance. Our Car on the road, the usual time sometimes suffer some scratches, the scratches insurance Is not all scratches should be paid it? In fact, in fact, only malicious acts causing injuries to others Is the insurance company must also find the Car scraping the people, then they only give you payment, if you can not find thIs person, I’m sorry, your rIsk Will scratch white Is the equivalent of buying.

The firstThree kinds of wading insurance we can see that from hIs name, that Is to say after the air bubbles into the soda cause some damage to the engine, in thIs case the insurance company Is giving paid, of course, for the Car in the water after the water start the engine and cause damage, the insurance company Is not paid, and only in the direct damage caused by water Is the insurance company’s range, they are relatively savvy.

fourth pilfer. The case of such insurance only if we take the whole Car Is stolen, the insurance company claims was given, and in thIs than any of the other cases are not compensable, the single tire or side mirror stolen, the insurance company Is also claims Will not, of course, when our Car window smashed financial resources to steal the Car Is also not lose, that as long as our Car was not stolen, anything you lose the Car , regardless of all people.

fifth spontaneous combustion rIsk. ThIs kind of insurance usually refers to the cost of the Car under its own factors leading to the occurrence of spontaneous combustion fire, resulting in the loss of vehicles, as well as the insured vehicle in order to reduce losses to a reasonable rescue, then the focus of the insurance it Is a reasonable but how much Is it reasonable, which Is set by the insurance personnel, so for such an interpretation Is also in the insurance company personnel, so the insurance like thIs, a lot of people think Is very difficult to understand.