You need to know the secret, Why the car bumper Is made of plastic material instead of metal

Presumably, every person who told me the same Car, always have a question in mind, Why Is that important bumper Car parts are not using iron or other metal materials, but it Is plastic? Obviously not the metal material to be more crashworthiness thing? So Here’s to lIsten to me give you the answer that you need to know the secret.

Indeed some metallic material to be more crashworthiness. In fact, when classic Cars just invented, indeed bumper material Is a metal material, and more for the steel material, and in order to coordinate and beauty and collIsion avoidance vehicle, the bumper must be designed wide enough, which led to the steel bumper excessive weight, in addition to the impact of a Car driving sense of control Will increase the fuel consumption, so when engineers thought of the bumper material change. Why Is the use of plastic materials it?

a, for aesthetics. Plastic materials in stamping technology compared to the iron and other metal material, more easily create a rich style, so there are more difficult to design a more beautiful shape of the front, the bumper changing the metal material becomes plastic.

Second, in order to protect pedestrians

If, once a traffic accident, the bumper Is the first to touch the pedestrian parts, that would certainly be made of metal plastic bumper small pedestrian injuries, so for the protection of pedestrians, Will be widely used plastic bumpers.

Third, low maintenance costs

Although there Is no plastic metal crashworthiness good, but because the bumper Is the most vulnerable parts, often to repair, low cost plastic material cost than the metal material and easier.