You certainly did not expect thIs to buy auto insurance more cost-effective!

With the development of science and technology and networks, many owners can directly purchase can be successful in the insurance company’s official website or the insurance company’s APP and the public in the number of vehicle insurance ideal, but homes can apply for Once all steps to conduct business with the insurance company Is the same, but the process Is even more simple and convenient. Such insurance companies now seem more deserted and monotonous, can only play the point Swing facade. But there Is a way to buy more cost-effective than in the official website and APP, more convenient.

ThIs Is the insurance company in the 4S shop insurance agent, because the 4S shop every home Will have agency personnel insurance companies, mainly for the convenience of owners mentioned in the 4S shop after the Car in time for a good insurance business. ThIs Will not only increase because the insurance company’s business, but also to better protect the safety and business owners to apply for vehicle insurance. However, many owners just noticed thIs, you can buy when buying a Car in the 4S insurance agency vehicle insurance, after mentioning the Car late to buy insurance in the insurance company’s official website or APP, in fact, buy insurance in the 4S shop insurance agent at the words, cheaper ,Why?

First, a charge d’affaires 4S shop insurance agency Is a subsidiary of the insurance company, an insurance company but also to expand its business, and the insurance company in order to pull more business, and 4S stores Will collaborate on business. For example in the 4S shop to buy vehicle insurance insurance agent point Will send a routine vehicle maintenance, we all know that the insurance company for the customer to buy long-term vehicle insurance in one insurance company, Will implement various preferential policies, while the 4S shop insurance agent point dIscount Nature Is vehicle maintenance or repair vouchers and so on.

Second, the rebate and an insurance company or other agents as points. Although the countries have formulated relevant policies, we do not allow insurance companies are free to implement offline rebate, but the problem in the industry Is no secret. And 4S shop insurance agents are also using thIs set point “preferential” approach, coupled with the 4S shop insurance agents particularity agency staff Will default practices, and even more inclined to rebate a little more to strengthen their business volume.

Third, in addition to giving vehicle maintenance and rebates beyond, with a variety of coupons4S shops and a variety of activities, 4S shop insurance agent point that many owners can win, so in addition to the real price, but also get free vehicle maintenance time (minimum should start around $ 200), coupons ( a variety of maintenance or repair vouchers, direct deduction), activity (lottery or gift items such as vehicles) and so on, Is a dIsguIsed form of concessions. In so doing, it Is really “value for money.”

However, the situation Is not the same everywhere, so before you buy Car insurance, you can contact the 4S shop insurance agents point, see if there Is thIs class activities or concessions, areas where there Is thIs small series of activities. And each year are not the same preferential insurance itself Is not good to do, and in order to pull more customers, the insurance salesman Is “fight.”