You buy car insurance loss did? These three are the right choice, the owner: money works, almost full

Car insurance you buy loss did? These three are the right choice, the owner: money works, almost the whole

After buying the Car Is not over; Auto insurance Is to allow owners confused. Those who buy Auto insurance, Auto insurance who do not buy; Auto insurance it refers liable for personal injury or property damage due to natural dIsasters or motor vehicle accident caused by a commercial insurance. In addition to the cost of Auto insurance must have a Car, other than a vehicle fuel costs the biggest, not the losers pay premiums year Is just fine, and if it were the losers, the second year premiums have to go up, you do not say loss deficit! Especially the wide variety of Car insurance, dazzling, what kind of insurance should buy a better arrangement? Freeze buy Car insurance! Put the 4S shop teacher to share with you today the majority of the owners on how to buy Car insurance sorted out. After the purchase of vehicles, as long as these four kinds of Auto insurance purchase, the other can not buy Auto insurance.

First, the Car must first buy the insurance Is to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance.” The insured must pay high insurance to buy, but it Is not recommended to only buy thIs one. Because pay high insurance Is the minimum sum insured, when the accident occurred, the maximum payment 110,000, for many severe cases, it Is not enough.

The insurance every driver should have learned by heart, because it stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, which means that the insured must buy. To pay high insurance to pay high insurance Is the insurance company on the occurrence of the insured motor vehicle road traffic accidents victims of personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit of mandatory liability insurance, in case of an accident can alleviate some of the financial burden. Most importantly, if not insured, Will not be on the Card, transfer, inspection, once investigated, Will be detained vehicles, and impose a double penalty premium!

Second, after the buy to pay high insurance, you must buy a few hundred thousand or even 1 million third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance (referred to as liability insurance), full name: commercial third party liability insurance. The third commercial liability insurance, the main function Is bashed somebody something, or hit someone with! Depending on individual circumstances may choose to buy, and now many luxury Cars on the road, so the more the better insured!

In addition to the cause itself, the driver of the vehicle, as well as a passenger, other life casualties or property damage directly by the insurance company for compensation. ThIs level Is generally purchased from 300,000 to 1,000,000. I strongly suggest that you buy a 1 million, but the sum insured higher the better, because human life Is too valuable.

due to pay high insurance on third party property damage and medical expenses part payment limit Is fixed and can only provide basic sum assured, if the ratio of the other vehicles and people lost more than pay high insurance, At thIs point the third party liability insurance comes in handy. It recommends key consideration 300,000, 500,000, 1 million which can be third gear. And third party liability insurance, thIs insurance Is designed for third party services, or “other people, other vehicles.” Payment amount, then three of the more than pay high insurance, of course, Will be different according to the upper limit of compensation premiums are also different. But they are lost to others, for their own compensation Well, no! Car damage insurance in accordance with the terms of the agreement, “the loss Is insured motor vehicle shall be responsible for compensation by a third party, the third party can not be found, the implementation of a 30% absolute franchIse.” However, if the insured “third-party special insurance”, you can get 30% of thIs payment.

The third Is non-deductible insurance. Non-deductible insurance deductible amount Is the role of the owner should bear transferred to the insurance company. General accident has a 20% -30% absolute franchIse, if not buy non-deductible insurance. If the loss of 100,000 accidents occurred, 2,3 Wan need yourself out. The main types of insurance Is not very expensive, be sure to protect the faithful Car.

ThIs Is a do more with less insurance, Is a kind of additional rIsk Is that in many incidents which, let’s insurance company Will have 5% to 20% of the franchIse, the owners, as I say, to buy non-deductible if he can avoid these franchIse allows you to get a full compensation premium Is not high, I think it Is more cost effective.

In general, most owners Will now have to buy non-deductible insurance. ThIs Is because the general Auto insurance deductibles additional rIsks Will have about 20%. That Is, once the accident, the original insured amount of $ 1000 an insurance probably because20% of the deductible, the insurance company Is entitled to reasonable compensation in the amount of compensation within 20% of the sum insured does not assume responsibility for claims. That Is Why some insurance companies a way to reduce rIsk.

If it Is a new Car, then still want to buy Car damage. If you drive a Car very general or second-hand Car broken, there Is no need to protect the Car damage. Of course, if you are not afraid of a waste of money, you can buy all rIsks, Rengeyouzhi, to name a few.

Is a vehicle causing the damage, if the damage to the insurance company’s scope of compensation and the like, that can be paid a certain amount. Car damage compensation insurance Is quite wide, in addition to ordinary crash, what hail smashed, fire (not including spontaneous combustion), rub all within the scope of compensation. Importantly, it has no upper limit, how much loss payment. For thIs reason, caustic danger Is the highest worth. After the accident, when their vehicle needs repair on the Car damage insurance with a minimum of 85% can be paid.

For private Cars, the purchase of body scratches insurance Is also a good consideration. Xiao Bian here to tell you one example, we Will soon understand the importance of buying insurance a scratch. Once, Xiao Bian go shopping the Car parked on the roadside, a look found out 30 minutes later, the Car was the Buick draw a circle with a hard object. At that time, we found the pits paint offer 3,000 yuan, due to the purchase of scratch insurance, the insurance company for the last Xiao Bian dig the money.

natural rIsks, more than 10 years of Car insurance can also be purchased spontaneous combustion, the new Car does not have much necessary. That scratches insurance glass breakage alone, and headlight breakage, less than 250,000 non-imported models still feel I try to give it up!

Some Car insurance to buy Is a waste of money, like the whole Car pilfer, who Will be nothing to steal your Car, ah, you say steal electric Car also believe, to say stealing Cars, thIs Is not an easy task alone and broken glass insurance, Auto insurance have thIs money, all the glass repaired wading insurance, not so great chances are flooded, unless the boss catch up with the rain, but not the Car Will be bad! Spontaneous combustion rIsk, the probability of spontaneous combustion Car Is very small, except in what after the crash, and generally not spontaneous combustion! So these Auto insurance to buy Is wastedmoney!

These services are free Auto insurance, but insurance companies Will not tell you!

1. Free delivery gasoline

2. Free fast repair service

3. limited mileage trailer service

4. free annual inspection agency services