Year auto insurance does not escape from danger, heartache premium white cross? As well as the good service “on call”

Now every Car after the purchase Will buy an insurance policy, because now more and more people drive, the number of traffic accidents occur relatively frequently, buy insurance to protect themselves there. But many people actually bought insurance after a year and there Is no problem, you’ll find white premium Is paid, many people Will be sad. Most agree that Auto insurance Is only used in case, but in fact even if there Is no accident, as long as we buy Auto insurance you can enjoy the following service Is good, and Is on call:

Car insurance for one year without danger, heartache premium white cross? As well as the good service “on call”

The first service: inspection

generally in the same company continuously for more than two years to buy the insurance, the insurance company can help you at the time of the annual inspection of the annual inspection. We all know that the annual inspection Is very time-consuming, too much trouble, and if he did not thIs time, you can drag the insurance companies Will your Car go through inspection, very convenient, they do not need to spend more money, it would save time save energy.

The second service: Trailers

We usually encounter damaged Car halfway when in need of repair, if they called the Car trailer alone, it takes a relatively high cost. In fact, we can find the insurance company, as long as the dIstance Is within fifty kilometers or one hundred kilometers, insurance companies are free to help trailer. But there are a lot of insurance companies bear the cost of the trailer only more than five hundred dollars, more than thIs amount of money the owners themselves need to take, but in general, still can reduce the pressure of thing five hundred to five hundred block can still add the oil better.

Of course, most insurance companies for free number of the trailer Is limited, usually about three to four times a year, but the number of times each insurance company Is different, it Is not clear, we can call ahead to ask clear when using thIs service.

The third service: oil feed [1Case 23]

did not check the oil before some owners may travel habits, or forget to refuel, drove to the halfway no oil, and no gas stations around next, we can call the insurance company, they Will Carry oil, sending oil services actually free, and thIs Is certainly fuel costs still need to pay their own drivers. ThIs Is a service but it Is still very useful, but the point to note Is that many insurance companies have said that on the highway does not support sending oil services elsewhere does fit.

The fourth Services: Rescue

might feel relief with many small partners trailer Is no different, but it Is not the same when you need to change the tire of the Car or the Car Is no electricity, when he did not deal with the way the case, we can give the insurance company a call. Xiao Bian remember the last time that drove out to play, the result of return when found the Car not start, give the insurance company a call, and finally send someone over to solve thIs problem, the full cost of 0, or very comfortable.

The fifth service: Free driving on behalf of

A lot of people drive out to eat, to drink a lot of time or Will , then after drinking many owners Will choose to call on behalf of driving, driving on behalf of the need to pay the associated costs, but not cheap, thIs time we need to drive on behalf of insurance companies can also play phone, many insurance companies every month two free on behalf of driving, which Is invIsible to help us save a lot of money.

more than we talk about these five services, or very practical, down several times, we have insurance costs a year if not danger, thIs cost Is back thIs up. Be sure not to find trouble, these services are not white do not. We also know what other free services to insurance companies do? Together for a Well!