Year after year to buy auto insurance, car insurance you really know it?

Today our lives are getting better and better, a lot of good economic conditions of the family for a long time thinking about buying a Car on behalf of the means of transport, the Car experienced the dIstress of the election stage, they have had to face the election Insurance stage, complex and diverse types of insurance, many people also looked confused. Today, Xiao Bian gave you talk about those things on vehicle insurance.

Insurance divIsion to pay high insurance and commercial insurance, to pay high insurance Needless to say, all according to a fixed proportion of fixed dIscount models to buy.

a wide range of commercial insurance classes, we also usually dIstress in the face of commercial insurance in the end those who buy insurance and what kind of insurance coverage. The following small series to introduce to you one by one. Commercial insurance can be divided into: third party liability insurance, vehicle damage insurance, the whole Car pilfer, glass breakage alone, spontaneous loss of insurance, excluding special insurance deductible, had no liability, vehicle liability insurance, body designated marks insurance, motor insurance and other several major types of insurance.

that hIs Car, how to buy it, small family Cars with less than 150,000, for example, the first most important thing Is third party liability insurance, thIs matter more than your Car cheaper and more expensive, thIs must not save money, but also for insurance coverage thIs insurance also do not mean that if you are in a big city, it Is recommended to buy insurance directly on the amount of one million, if you are a small city, it Is recommended to buy on a millions, if really want to save money, at least you can also not be less than half a million. As it relates to your pay in compensation, in case you accidentally hit someone else’s Car or drive a Car blew passers-by, and can give you reduce the economic burden Is not small.

then that Car damage, thIs Is when you hurt a vehicle’s insurance company pay your repair money, but also suggest that you purchase thIs insurance. For vehicle pilfer, small series Is not recommended to buy, with the development of the new United States law and order in most parts of the country Is worthy of recognition, so we believe that thIs Will take Care of the security of our Car. Most glass breakage, all thIs depends on economic conditions, and on that money or buy if you do not Care to buy insurance, even though now that good law and order, but you hit a glass case to steal your Car property also when occur. Spontaneous combustion rIsk, depending on what you buy the Car and your local environment of the summer, especially if you live in high summer temperature region, or if you buy thIs CarThere are cases of naturally occurring or recommendation to buy it before you type. Well just in case.

bought the three, Is not deductible but also less of you, thIs Is the additional rIsk of the three, the insurance company can maximize payout. If you had no responsibility for the money to buy, no money does not matter, but in any case an accident should take the regular route, the police, call the insurance company, was injured first save. Do not attempt what promIses to each other.

board staff recommend the purchase of insurance, almost one hundred thousand lines around it, after all, not every Car accident Is not the full participation of a third party, Wan accidentally crashed curb insurance company can accompany you to a medical expenses.

The main body scratches insurance also look at your Car, if the paint up a few hundred dollars it Is unnecessary for, after all, the one chance it Will affect your views premium year.

In summary, necessary and must purchase insurance Is three, Car damage, and non-deductible insurance board staff, the other can be purchased according to their own circumstances. But no matter what kind of insurance Is only a safeguard, the most important thing Is to drive a strong sense of security.