Would you buy car insurance, but you’ll use the car insurance? Inventory of all types of car insurance MIstakes

After you buy a Car, the annual cost of keeping a Car, in addition to refueling, maintenance and Car wash, insurance also accounted for a large sum of expenditure. But every time I see a lot of policy dense pages full of words, long and smelly, security Is the look of ignorant force, and today we chat with Car insurance in the end how to use!

a lot of vehicle insurance word on the big head, while the salesman flicker confusedly go out and buy, the real trouble with the insurance time but I do not know what to do! Will not use their own money, I would not quite lose ah! So today we have from the point of view as we apply depth interpretation of what Car insurance.

1, the usefulness of various types of insurance

Buy Insurance Insurance mess when those long and boring description, see people get confused, and many of them are so-called “jargon”, how can the average person to understand. Now to introduce a method, first insurance “liability” to remove, and then re-look at the names of the insurance, in the name of what you bear any responsibility. as compulsory traffic accident accident compulsory insurance; third party liability insurance as third party insurance, board officers liability insurance as Car insurance personnel.

to buy insurance Is actually losing money, losing money then Will be divided into two categories, and one Is to pay someone else, one Is to pay its own.

to pay high insurance: Country mandatory for all vehicles must be purchased, and there Is only to lose others, and the amount of compensation Is meager, such as repair most Will be compensation of 2,000 yuan, hit luxury Cars make up paint Is not enough.

third party liability insurance: third party = primary three, small three Is certainly not hIs own household, so third party liability insurance Is compensation for others.

someone else’s compensation insurance only to pay high insurance and third party insurance, such as hitting the pole, green belts, even if the vehicle Is hit retirement, they are not compensation. But in the scope of claims Is still quite a force,Basically “all-inclusive”, lose Car crash, gave the driver lost people, lost against the wall wall ….. Anyway, as long as someone’s home, they Will compensation.

passenger Car liability insurance: the so-called passenger Car means that the Car Is a member, so thIs Is liable for passengers, the rIsk general Will separate the driver and passenger, and then buy on demand, thIs insurance Is only recognized people do not recognize the Car, even if someone else Is driving, the Car Is next door to the Pharaoh do not know, if you choose to forgive Pharaoh, so Will The same Will be compensation.

loss of vehicle insurance – the loss of their own vehicle, thIs insurance covers your Car, there are other insured financial limits, but it Is no more than Car within the range of value of the Car breaks down on how much compensation. The most cattle X Insurance Is whether you own Car Is damaged, or hit by lightning, burned, was hit hail, in addition to earthquakes, nuclear explosions under such extreme circumstances Is to the vast majority of compensation.

Is not deductible: a name that most people egg pain, in fact, thIs Is an additional insured items other insurance, such as more than a few insurance needs when the insurance company Will not compensate all the damages may be only 80%, which Is 20% belong to the deductible, the insurance company to make that 20% of all deductible compensation to you if you buy the additional insurance in the future, otherwIse hit luxury Cars have become a cow changed horses.

more than five full buy the insurance, then that Is what we call the “all rIsks”, although the price Is a little expensive, but an accident are more useful time, it Is recommended to buy Auto insurance more than five insurance are bought. Not all rIsks insurer Is assuming a range of lIsted separately to make money, but fortunately these names are simple and crude, look to know, to see buying needs. Such as robbery, spontaneous combustion, wading, scratches and so on.

2, under what circumstances the insurance

Many people first after the accident For a time the alarm Is, in fact, should have a step, it Is the first to look at whether compounding, like some very minor accidentUsually can consider compounding, so worry not only effort but also more cost-effective. Because next year Is the price of insurance and the number of occurrences linked to thIs year, the number of the more dangerous condition the more expensive price, and even if only out of time, the price Will rIse. A Car insurance if five thousand thIs year, like rub some of the paint, minor repairs Will look at two three hundred, but because out of a Car damage insurance, renewal next year when it becomes Qizhe from tickets, become to pay more than 500 pieces. Compounding of course also depends on the situation, it Is necessary to see if there are other problems, such as drunk driving, vehicle inspection and so on.

3, the insurance specifically how to use

First, if unilateral accidents, such as the wall , then there Is no need to trouble the policeman, directly reported to the insurance on it. Car damage Will be repaired Car, the Car Will be paid medical expenses of personnel, third party liability insurance compensation for property Will help you repair the wall, if not deliberately potentially fraudulent, the insurance company Will compensate. If the two sides accident, if someone Is injured call 120 first, always first save. Ordinary accident put on warning triangle, protect the scene reported that the traffic police and insurance companies. Traffic police divIsion of responsibilities between the two sides under the circumstances of the accident, the two sides finally insurance companies proportionately compensation to you.

4, the insurance money over how to do?

Whether novice or old drivers have had a similar idea, thIs year bought 50 million insurance policy, once spent 400,000, only 10 Wan immediately took over, in fact, we think the insurance Is to be too dark, the truth Is at the rIsk of scratches outside, almost all of the dangerous condition of the insurance several times within a year, as long as no one-time compensation to the upper limit, after every time in accordance with the upper limit of compensation. That Is simple to buy 500,000 400,000 spent thIs compensation, but the next time or in accordance with the compensation limit to 500,000 in compensation, Is the ability to compensate 400,000 N times.

However, if a single full compensation for 500,000, then the termination of the contract of insurance on their own, if we have an accident, the insurance company Will not pay the damages.