Will buy four new car insurance, you should never buy a leak!

the last two years to buy a new Car Is more and more friends, but most people buy a new Car, the relevant preparatory work done Is not sufficient, in particular, need to apply for a new Car Some of the business, understand the not very detailed. For we have adequate preparation when buying a new Car, after today I gave you talk about Car parts critical things first “Car insurance.” Insurance as a rIsk protection, can greatly reduce the loss of people, both from the value of the Car or rIsk, the necessity have to buy the insurance. How about a new Car to buy Car insurance, many people do not really understand them, today I gave you talk about the new Car must have four insurance.

to pay high insurance , which Is a compulsory insurance for the Car you want on the road, it must be purchased. Traffic Insurance as Is, after the accident, the life of the victim’s injuries, property damage compensation a certain amount. Traffic Insurance purchase, must take the sign posted on the front windshield, and must be replaced every year. If you do not purchase insurance to pay strong, and then on the road, the traffic police are entitled to deduction of processing.

Is not deductible , after purchasing Car insurance, collIsion or if some accident, the insurance company of the accident was classified, and then to assess the damage, most insurance companies Will bear 80% the amount of compensation, the owners themselves also need to compensate 20%. More accidents, 20% of the compensation Is not a small amount of money, if occurred, if the purchase Is not deductible, then the insurance company Will pay compensation for the full amount, the owner not liable for compensation.

a third party responsibleAny rIsk

, in many places before, third party liability insurance Is compulsory insurance, but with the introduction of the relevant provIsions, third party liability insurance Is also already become buy insurance. Although the Car after the purchase to pay high insurance can be driven on the road, but to pay high insurance payout amount Is not particularly high, in the case if some serious collIsions, especially luxury Cars hit, he himself would burden of compensation Is still very large. After the purchase of third party liability insurance, in case of traffic accidents, to pay high insurance payout if the amount Is not enough, the insurance company Will conduct on the part of the excess claims.

Car damage

, in ordinary life, we are driving a Car Will inevitably be some rub, generally small rub everybody deal with their own, and if the rub Is more serious, then we would be repaired, thIs when the caustic danger to play a key role. Car damage suffered in the accident, all the maintenance costs of Car damage compensation can greatly reduce the economic pressure of the owner. If it Is caused by natural dIsasters Car damage, Car damage Is also possible for compensation.

these four insurance, you must make a purchase after buying a Car in the case of an accident, it can greatly reduce their damage. In fact, no matter what kind of insurance, we are not as safe driving, at any time, we all remember not to blindly speeding, rush lane and so on. Being a safe driver Is not only to protect others, but also to protect themselves. I wIsh all driving friends, are able to go out safe on home safely.