Wide range of vehicle car insurance, how to buy what? The fact Is enough

put the Car in the 4S shop, in addition to the 4S shop sales staff outside the bargaining for a new Car insurance Is the main link. There are many types of Car insurance. But I tell you the truth, many people buy a Car, buy a Car for the first time, the choice of Auto insurance do not understand. In fact, although Auto insurance a lot, but that’s about it enough, so the choice of insurance should not be too blind

to pay high insurance

it Is first necessary to buy strong insurance. To pay high insurance Is a kind of insurance to buy essential. It Is a country forced to buy. Buy a new Car without pay compulsory insurance can not be on the Cards. Vehicle not regIstered on the user. The traffic control department found words Will be deducted from your Car, the punIshment Is very severe. Even life-long driving ban. If the cost Is different according to the seat of the vehicle, if the price of 950, and 1100.

Car damage

caustic danger Is simply put, it Is to lose hIs own Car. Novice Car bump Is quite normal. The role of caustic danger in your normal driving environment, if the generated traffic incident, the vehicle needs repairs, if such a problem, contact the insurance company, the insurance company may be paid to the owner. But one thing to say. Some minor problems for example, the Car has some scratches, necessary painting, sheet metal, or need to replace certain parts of the Car, the Car damage Will be less useful.

Is not deductible

Is not deductible must buy thIs, here emphasize that we must give, give under an example that just said such as Car damage insurance or other insurance you’ve bought, but really talking about insurance companies also have paid the amount of up to between 70% to 80%, the remaining 20 to 30% %, it can only be the owners themselves, it Is not deductible to the owners themselves 20% to insurance companies. Say you should understand, so you have to buy say no deductible.

third-party liability insurance

third-party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance Is also very important. Many people buy a Car, Will be from 1 million cases, whileSales Will tell you to buy at least 1 million of liability insurance. In the first-tier cities or second-tier cities, there Will be a lot of luxury Cars, if we cut rub or other accident, you should bear the main responsibility, it needs repair costs paid to the people, and the role of third-party liability insurance here. Some people still do not understand. In the example child, when you drive on the road, hit an expensive dog. The dog’s price Is 80 yuan. If your third-party liability insurance Is only 50 million, that Is no way. An additional $ 300,000 Will pay for yourself. So to deal with the new drivers, it Is quite necessary to purchase third-party liability insurance.

board staff insurance

the name suggests, the Car Is to buy the insurance personnel once a year. And family often go out together, you buy the insured. Such insurance Is relatively broad. You can also vote cast 10,000 $ 50,000, but the price Is different, but to be honest, the price Is not that much difference.

In addition to the Auto insurance program, there are some glass insurance, could not find a third party liability insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, Pirates of the wrecker, etc., which can actually Do not buy, but also according to your actual situation, such as your Car parked in the underground garage or parking lot of the time, it may often be classified into, so at thIs time can not find a buy third-party liability insurance Is to ensure that . And it Is only tens of dollars only.

premium Issue

seems to be the root of all the problems Is that we can use less price to buy more Insurance. New Car may not to consider insurance. Car insurance, according to the current situation there Is a uniform 10% dIscount. And staging Car, then also need to buy some insurance. When you select the type of insurance, as long as you pay the premium in determining which city, the insurance amount Is unchanged. To compare Car at the time of their friends Will buy a Car insurance Is kind of how, how much dIscount. ThIs Is in fact the case and store a relationship. These incentives are new Car sales policies and premiums related with the insurance company independent. Built more than make peace conclusion Is based on first-tier cities Car insurance. Compared with other provinces, it should be almost the same. Hope thIs for your new Car warrantySome insurance help.