Why car bumpers are made of plastic? To save money it?

With the continuous development of the Automotive industry, Automotive grade products Is also rIsing, Car bumper materials have continued to emerge. Before the 1980’s, Automobile bumpers are metal based materials, but then make Car bumpers metallic material gradually been replaced by plastic, which Is now widely used in plastic Car bumpers, so Why Hyundai plastic bumper material it?

as one of the important parts bumper Car, not only make the whole Car shape looks more beautiful, but also bear the responsibility to ensure driver safety, Why choose plastic material as Car bumpers do? The reason Is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. relatively inexpensive

in consideration of economy, the use of plastic Car bumpers can save manufacturing costs using thIs link, Will use the funds to develop such material and other work to enhance the performance of the vehicle. Further, its plasticity for easy design and production.

2. the Automobile weight

the application of plastic material in Automobile bumper assembly, components that achieve the goals of the Automobile becomes possible to reduce the weight. Lightweight vehicles Will help reduce fuel consumption, environmentally friendly.

3. good physical and chemical properties

When we use the Car in the open air environment, which Is often subject to wind, Japan sun, its bumper susceptible to damage. Plastic bumper bumper has some advantages that are not a metal, mainly in the following aspects: a plastic bumper has good insulation, corrosion resIstance, aging resIstance, abrasion, Washability, water resIstance and mechanical properties; plastic bumper also has good flexibility, impact resIstance and some good adhesive properties, if a minor collIsion occurs, the plastic bumper Is not broken, and can Automatically repair according to their own elasticity even badly damaged rupture occurs, it can easily be repaired bond; in addition, the cost of plastic bumpers painted sheet metal repair materials than metal material bumper cheaper.

4. Beneficial pedestrian safety

Although the driver while driving in traffic to avoid accidents, but for various reasons, when crashes occur, and plastic bumper has a good impact resIstance, to protect the safety of pedestrians

5. rust metallic material

when the metal subjected to water, Will rust, corrode metal bumper Will rust, affecting the appearance of the Car .

lightweight, plastic Automotive technology development trend, based on plastic light weight, corrosion resIstance, elasticity and various other features in the Automobile industry has been widely used, we believe that with the development of technology, there Will be new high-quality materials applicable to the manufacture of Automobile bumpers.