Who says car insurance does not work, read my analysIs, do you think so?

Typical Case hIstory:

before the start of today’s knowledge-sharing, I would let you tell a real case, just two days before I was going through.

Two days ago, around 17:40, it was still under a light rain, immediately fast work, and I’m filling, a classmate called me and said that emergency, he said the object was driving when changing lanes because of the rain did not see the right side of the vehicle and a Buick Hideo happened scratching, scraping the other side of the Car very serious, the other side rear view mirror glass Is broken, leaving the door Road several deep scratches, ask me how to do.

After hearing hIs description I probably have a few, like the divIsion of responsibility for thIs situation, because he did not see the road so the object Is clearly the main target of hIs responsibility ; on the loss, I am a bit like a rough estimate of thIs case even acquaintances repair, then probably have to spend about 500 yuan, if possible, then to the 4S shop was about 1,000 yuan. Overall spending Is still relatively high, but well within the compulsory insurance of property compensation limit (limit 2000 yuan), because there Is no physical injury involved, no need to alarm, so I said, and he said, do not buy insurance, you reported Insurance of it, strong rIsk to the insurance claims it.

ThIs Is the small matter of a very easy process, however, the result was eye-popping, who knows people arrived at the scene after the insurance company a strong insurance check hIs date turned out to be extended 12 days he actually did not know.

frustration of insurance claims not only their own money. Finally, through the good and the other owners to dIscuss, negotiate claims repeatedly price, costing him the other 800 yuan trouble.

faithful Car, by accident case thIs true what you got enlightenment?

Yes, that Is Auto insurance Is very important.

Car insurance knowledge to explain:

mentioned Car insurance, many people’s first reaction Is, , I really do not understand thIs. Define what damage a vehicle, what Is not deductible insurance and so I have a lot ofDo not understand, in the end give the Car what types of insurance to buy it?

series of questions about insurance haunt us, make us feel good blind, so, today’s “Car Brick House” would like to combine their own experience and experience on the subject of a number of Car insurance case, the most straightforward of the most concIse language good for everyone to popularize insurance knowledge and attention, so that everyone can understand Auto insurance and Will use insurance, detours, spend less money wasted.

Car insurance, Auto insurance referred to, as the name suggests Is that we give our Car to a professional insurance company to have them insured, so the Car in the event of a natural dIsaster or accidental damage or because of an accident caused by the owners themselves or personal injury or death to others, we do not have to compensate us but by the insurance company to back compensation when property damage.

essence insurance in fact, to protect ourselves, and shift the rIsk of loss because of accidents has brought us.

and the particular type of insurance role: strong insurance including insurance and commercial insurance.

refers to pay high insurance compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, no matter who thIs Is necessary to give the insured vehicle, owned by the state mandatory and required by law. If you do not buy compulsory insurance, annual business vehicles Will not apply to you, the traffic police Will be allotted Car was found fine.

In addition, there Is little to know, are the first mandatory insurance claims when the accident occurred, if compulsory insurance Is not only a commercial rIsk.

In practice, the light often pay high insurance compensation Is not enough, so there Is a Car commercial insurance.

Auto insurance business Auto insurance Is a kind, including basic insurance and additional insurance in two parts.

basic rIsks include: loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer, board officers liability insurance.

Additional rIsks include: Glass breakage alone, scratches insurance,Spontaneous loss of insurance, wading insurance, excluding special insurance deductible and so on.

A lot of people felt the difference between these types of insurance confusing trouble, I used the following language better understanding of the combination of case to explain to you.

loss of vehicle insurance: The most widely used, losses due to natural dIsasters and accidents caused by their own vehicle, whether small cut small rub, or serious damage , indemnities with thIs insurance. For example, when driving Carelessly get dIstracted, the results hit the roadside trees, the front crashed, need repair costs 8,000 yuan, thIs time mainly use thIs insurance. To put it plainly, thIs Is the Car damage insurance own Car. With thIs insured event of an accident using the insured vehicle process, resulting in a third party suffers personal injury or property damage, the compensation required:

Third Party Liability Insurance . For example, Car and other vehicles collided, causing the other driver’s Car and damage required to compensate 20 million, thIs time we should use third party insurance. In fact, thIs corresponds with caustic danger, thIs Is someone else’s insurance. The use of insurance when the entire vehicle Is stolen or robbed, report 60 days Is not found, find the insurance company claims:

pilfer. However, assuming that the Car parked on the roadside, wheels stolen, the insurance company claims not only when the vehicle Is stolen or robbed can.

board officers liability insurance: the insured vehicle drivers and passengers was hurt in an accident, thIs time with thIs insurance.

Glass breakage alone: ​​ When using thIs safety glass windscreen and windows smashed or broken.

spontaneous loss of insurance: of the vehicle resulting in fire damage due to malfunction with thIs insurance.

wading insurance: or wading vehicle engine damage caused by the flooding of insurance, insurance only covers the engine wading attention, because other parts of the vehicle involved loss of water caused by Car damage claims.

non-deductible insurance: every time an accident the insurance company Will set a certain franchIse based on responsibility for the accident, the sole responsibility of the owner of a 20% deductible, the main negative 15% deductible responsibility, equally responsible deductible 10%, negative secondary responsibility deductible 5%. Accident owners assume full responsibility for the negative 10 million compensation, then the franchIse according to the insurance company Is only liable for 80,000 yuan, and the remaining 20,000 yuan responsibility of the owner, if the insured non-deductible insurance, then the insurance company Will compensate 100,000 yuan, what it means.

The above Is a brief introduction of the main entry of insurance, of course, there are other less common or how important it Is not insurance, such as Car damage could not find a third party liability insurance Will not elaborate here.

Car insurance Notes:

ThIs section explains about the daily purchase Car insurance and how to use the insured when the accident occurred, etc. It should be noted matters regarding insurance policy you can have plausible understanding, but thIs part hope that we can pay attention to.

First, insurance, try to buy whole. above are introduced, the essence of insurance Is to transfer rIsks to deduct, to protect ourselves. We can think of a question: If we do make money, according to a monthly salary of 10,000 ordinary people count, to earn more than one million takes about eight years to remove all kinds of expenses, how to say they have more than ten years of time to save enough for 1 million; but if buy one million commercial insurance needs only about 1,600 yuan, thIs money Is not a problem for the owners, if you really want a large accident, the insurance company may be able to immediately paid the other 1 million, think about if there Is no insurance commercial insurance, the other party to wait for you saving enough for 1 million last ten years it? As the saying goes: always walk in the river, defiled. We who do not want the accident, but afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event, many of us almost every day we drove on the road, in order to protect themselves, protect their personal and property safety, insurance or try to buy, the more complete the more able to do so well, you can not always have luck.

Here we recommend several options: (1) the lowest recipesCase: Strong third party insurance + + not deductible 1,000,000; (2) assignment scheme: Strong third party insurance + + 1,000,000 + caustic danger Is not deductible; (3) high with the program: first strong danger + three 1 million + people + Car + caustic danger Is not deductible (more commonly used); (4) the highest dIstribution plan: to buy insurance on the whole.

Many people here may be questioned Why a third party to buy 1 million instead of 500,000? Because in actual cases occurred before and after the middle-aged single casualty various fees add up to now the lowest in about 600,000, 500,000 plus three 110,000-strong insurance sometimes Is not enough, so here Is what we want to save 300 yuan premium cost-effective it Is worthwhile to spend hundreds of thousands. Second, note that the insurance expiration date. We often buy insurance for Car owners know that there Is a period of insurance, the general term of one year, so we have to pay attention to thIs period, do not overdue the. Just as in the case of my classmates, insurance, extended hIs do not know, fortunately not a big accident, or else mIserable. In general, the insurance expires before the insurance company Will have reminders, but we have to be a heart in calendar or mobile phone memo set in advance what to avoid because of the failure of insurance extended caused unnecessary losses.

Third, pay attention to aspects of the insurance report. As we drove was a traffic accident, when in fact not always need to fight the insurance company to the phone to report the insurance claim. Because insurance Is a dIscount, meaning that if you did not report thIs year, when the second year to buy insurance Will be dIscounted, assuming a buy insurance for many years because of the old drivers with small accident insurance claims of $ 100, but next year when buying insurance because restore the original price dIscount can not actually spent more than 300 yuan, 200 yuan more than their own loss, thIs Is not it a bit more harm than good. Therefore, based on actual experience, the amount of less than 300 yuan accident, it Is recommended resolved privately, if more than 300 yuan can apply for the insurance rIsk stronger, longer follow serious business rIsk.

Fourth, pay attention to the situation of the insurance deductible. Case the insurance deductible Is actually more and more, the focus here talk about three of the more common deductible situations: First, drinking, drinking and driving accident caused deductible; and second, the vehicle Is not undergoing the inspection IssueAfter the event of an accident deductible; the third Is the driver after the vehicle accident occurred by the person without a driver’s license deductible.

Finally, the “Car Brick House” have to remind you that one: Car insurance Is very important in life many times we can save money, such as buying less clothes , eat a big meal, but some money Is really not the province, such as buying Car insurance money because of an accident unable to compensate looked far too many cases go bankrupt, can not bear to look directly at the scene, so we have to buy Car insurance , in particular, third party insurance, a minimum of one million, can not go any lower.

on Car insurance, “Car brick home” for everyone to explain here, if Car insurance still do not understand the problem we welcome comments, private messages.

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