Which Is the cheapest car insurance?

In principle, the basic premiums are similar, but Why there Is still a high price and the low price of say, mainly in the following:

1. on the same principle to pay high insurance each insurance prices, if found, a number of insurers to pay high prices are not the same, please refer to the price of the big brands! For example, Ping An reported that 950, 665 Ann Sheng Tianping reported that the price difference between the 285 small companies because most likely you do not know the circumstances which led to the dangerous condition Is not the same price!

2. commercial rIsk insurance Is not the same as the price difference Is big! Observe each insurance company made an offer SMS Check it Carefully! Three insurance 500 100 Wan price difference of nearly 200 yuan plus a pilfer did not increase with the difference Is about 300.


3 purchasing channels are not the same:

1 insurance agent usually rebate Is not the same, such as Ping an 30% PICC 24%, 40% PACIFIC how many agents Will recommend appropriate insurance company based rebate to customers, 2.4S shop or repair shop agency Is above the same idea! But the 4S shop or repair shop becomes both hands gifts such as maintenance, cash arrived with the volume, working hours, fees, fill the inside of the paint! Then back now to my possession!

3: the traditional surface of the pin also ibid more with less Is recommended to customers under the Insurance Companies rebate, as to how many customers return the sales final say. For example, the above mentioned Pacific back 40%, then 30% sales commIssion. Good relationships can be returned directly to the customer 50% bad 20, 30 are likely to!

4. The electric Car phone sales thIs price difference mainly depends on the insurance company to the preferential, from a minimum of 12% -39% range, there are back now, has sent oil Card, some Will be sent to maintenance, but these are basically fill paint repair shop, oil Is generally not very good, touch-up painting Will have a big problem! Where

The last price difference Is the difference between the sum insured Car damage, others give you insured sum insured 500,000, another difference between the insured amount 420 000 80 000 price Will be cheaper a few hundred. Probably inconsIstent with the time you buy the Car! Lead to the settlement of claims!

Lessons Learned: Although there are differences in price, but the quality of service are very different! Click like attention! Have any problem with the messages, private messages!