Which Is better car insurance

a lot of friends just bought a new Car, should consider Is how to buy Auto insurance, Auto insurance company Which Is better, give us today to explain.

At present the domestic Auto insurance market, American security, the United States and peace, the Pacific occupy the first three digits of the market. But still a rIsing star can not be ignored, such as Tian An American Life Insurance, Hua, North Bay, and sunlight. Which Is the most professional, personal feeling ranking in the insurance industry an older (including the field of life insurance) companies are very professional.

lowest price, best service, the problem Is difficult to best of both worlds. Light the price Is concerned, the current Car phone channels should be the minimum, eliminating the need for an agent because the middle part of the cost of thIs part corresponds directly back to the customer. And because of fewer agents link, from underwriting to claims, are required to be insured hands often run costly mIstakes. As for the agent channel, it also depends on what you are looking for an agent, the agent of black heart, go and you still Will not solve the problem.


in general in the first year, it Is recommended to buy all rIsks, programs are as follows: to pay high insurance with the travel tax Is certainly buy, commercial insurance include: Car damage in full, three 50W ( minimum initial 50,000, a third party Is critical, recommended for novice to buy 500,000 or 1 million), the driver rIsks with passenger insurance, pilfer, non-deductible, glass insurance, body scratches insurance have to buy.

Whether buying online or phone to buy Auto insurance, they are very familiar with the PICC, Ping An, the Pacific and other companies offer various insurance products. Like you can buy in Carrefour farmer spring, you can buy at roadside stalls.

Therefore, the key Is to provide follow-up support services of the insurance company, must first choose the right insurance company.

First, assess the damage, claims and repair outlets to cover a wide range, from their closer. Unfortunately, the case of an accident, repair take what the Car Is also convenient.

The second Is to provide valued services, such as free rescue 100 km, which company in their own cities and regions where there Is provIsion of services, the insurance company confirmed thIs to keep clear.

Third, claims to be happy, if before there Is an unpleasant experience with an insurance company, decIsively change.

like thIs insurance, there Is a case of false lIst. Fortunately, insurance companies now offer online and telephone do the test of the policy, you can see the effect immediately.

If you’re in a big city, and the Car Is never open to the field, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (Pacific, Ping An, Cheonan, American security) can be, these large network of Auto insurance companies the most complete, as long as you come to call the name of the township, in general, its branches, claims the most rapid if you want to select in the 4S shop to buy no problem, because the 4S shop insurance counters are accredited by the insurance company directly, of course, that place If only American life and American peace on the inside, then you had only two good pick only thing you need to remember Is that insurance loss must be no difference, otherwIse the insurance company fitness, the price Is less than the actual repairs you Will dIsadvantage.

to see the angle Is not the same, not the same conclusion, peace, PICC, Pacific, so several people familiar with the company, they are one hundred million annual advertIsing fee as a unit, the so-called fleece than other companies to play the price Card, only the normal price of other companies.

In fact, each insurance company Will have to happen wrangling, in fact, a lot of the problem Is not in the insurance company, it Is in the insured person because he did not know the terms of so always have some mIsunderstanding, if you save from the economic conditions set out several insurance companies that you can ask to take the minimum, I think it Is a small insurance company, but no one has given you in the future to deal with after-sales service, a problem only themselves to run, if you find someone to help you apply, then the price Will be higher, but you do not have to worry about after the sale so much, mainly to find you more likely to trust the salesman, if you go to the repair shop and 4S shop apply if the price aside, if you apply it to unilaterally thing that can help you deal with, if it Is an accident the two sides can only apply themselves to the very troublesome, but not the same apply where the individual good salesman Will give you a good deal, after all it was hIs Career he earned your money for your year of service, not only because he wanted to just give youYear deal with insurance, you want him to make hIs own customers. He did not need to tap new customers each year now, so not tired.

insurance inside water Is very deep, too price changes, such as 4S shop to buy insurance price Is relatively high, generally hit 8-fold, 8.5 fold , 9 fold 9.5 fold, etc., but it can buy out the market hit 7 fold, after all, the insurance company Is going to give 4S shop of none other, or who helped you push insurance. Finally, say something critical, as long as out of a Careless accident, do not worry, even if it Is a relatively simple process, no matter how good the service. They still drive Carefully, safe Car Is the best policy.