Which car to buy insurance to buy a few? Many people do not know

thIs Car to buy Auto insurance already Is a very unusual thing, but when it comes to what we buy insurance or a loss. Because many insurance Car insurance included, we do not know what to buy and which do not buy. In fact, driving down the road, some basic insurance Is not the province. Which of the following insurance Car insurance Is a must buy? The following Xiaobian to introduce the focus of several Auto insurance, we want to insure can help.

all rIsks insurance Auto insurance accidentally fall into errors

have to tell you to buy Car insurance Is insurance which several before the first small series for everyone to explain a term “all rIsks.” Many people are caught when the insured all rIsks of mIsunderstanding, mIstaken for any accident insurance company to buy all rIsks emerge after the claims can be not the case, all rIsks insurance only contains a few, because more comprehensive protection, so we used to call all rIsks, but it does not mean what circumstances can the claim. So say we all had a buy a insurance claims of insurance Is guaranteed when the insured.

According to state regulations, to buy Auto insurance to pay high insurance Is a must buy, there are mandatory, meaning that the road vehicles must be insured, and the insurance company must also be insured, not for any reason insurance coverage. The rest Is commercial insurance, commercial insurance Is by Li said voluntary buy, but consider the actual situation, as well as payment of traffic accidents situation, some commercial insurance or have insurance, guarantee or important.

Which of the following insurance Car insurance Is a must buy?

what to buy insurance with commercial insurance personal vehicles environmentally related, such as parking your Car and the Car are away from water, what insurance to buy wading doing it? another example scratches insurance, hundreds of thousands of Car to buy it doing it? so we should give full consideration their own situation. Some insurance Will not waste unnecessary money. But some insurance insurance Is worth it to spend some money. Third party liability insurance, the amount of clear means of a maximum amount of compensation costs, which Is an accident the insurance company pay you up to so much money, usually run in the big cities, or long dIstances much, at least 50 million, or conditional buy 1 million.

loss of vehicle insurance Is a must buy, what to pay? After Crash own their own Car maintenance costs. Including impact, scratching (sheet injuries, scratches exclude suspects), flooding fire (spontaneous combustion or fire), smashed things out of the sky (alone hit the glass, lights, instead of losing) In fact, Car damage and liability insurance the scope of compensation Is relative, liability insurance compensation for others, their own Car damage compensation, so the two types of insurance we have to buy. As for the case of a number of separate components mentioned above caustic danger of damage to not lose, it can be supplemented by additional insurance rIsk.

Which of the following insurance Car insurance Is a must buy

also a must buy additional insurance Is not deductible monthly special, that third party liability insurance Is not deductible, caustic danger Is not deductible, these two Will not explain, others lose money after the crash and do not want money to repair their own Cars must have to buy their own dig. OtherwIse, a minimum of 20% from the dig. With non-deductible you can get more claims, so that Is still very useful Auto insurance.

introduced so much we should know what insurance Is more important now, in fact, today’s presentation Is only relative, after all, the actual situation of each person each vehicle Is different, so the above description Is just to give you a reference. More exciting content, you can click the link in the bottom right corner.