Which car to buy Insurance novice? Car “white” have a look, do not wasting money!

type of insurance Car lot, for the novice and sometimes some scratching their essentials, in the end should be how to buy, how to buy it? Here to novices popularize knowledge of insurance and insurance of the vehicle, there are two, one Is to pay high insurance, a commercial insurance, to pay high insurance Is compulsory insurance provIsions of the country, you do not buy can not, you need to insure every year and together pay the travel tax, to pay high insurance claims amount Is a third party who injured 10,000 yuan (refers to a third party except you and your Car a third party), and third party Car was 2,000 yuan, a third party claims of death volume Is 110,000 more than we can see that pay high insurance claims amount Is low, simply can not protect our interests, so that we again add insured commercial insurance.

business rIsk countries Is not mandatory, but to ourselves to have adequate protection or insurance Is appropriate, many commercial rIsk insurance, there are third party liability insurance, Car damage, non-deductible insurance, pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk, alone and broken glass insurance, scratches insurance, Car insurance, etc. members, we recommend that individuals should insure a minimum third party liability insurance and non-deductible insurance, third party liability insurance because it Is too important for us, because pay compulsory insurance in respect of third party liability insurance claim amount Is too low, only 10,000 people hurt, we all know now ten thousand for the role of money to the hospital Is minimal, but a man touched the million dollars Is not enough, the vehicle for an estimated amount of 2000 dollars enough Benz BMW paint, so that the first insured commercial insurance three liability insurance Is necessary

then the third party liability insurance how much better? ThIs you can choose, 100,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1 million, the amount which you feel your own heart in order to protect bottom of it? So far the mainstream are insured 500,000 / 1 million, now on the way so many luxury Cars hit an unguarded moment Is the high price of maintenance, the amount Is too low simply do not work, if there are injured people in hospital Is also a bottomless pit ah, so personally I feel a little sense of security to the lowest 500 000

Let me now say deductible insurance, thIs Is what Is it? We normally have 20% of the insurance deductible, which means you can only spend 100 claims 80 to you, you need to take 20%, since we are already insured just do not want to pay, Why not insured, excluding deductible insurance do? We voted on 100% of claims that does not require you to spend money, so thIs Is also recommended that you protect. In addition to these two major outside there Is a Willingness to look at your personal, thIs Is Car damage insurance, thIs insurance Is the insurance for your vehicle Is when you show up after the accident have your own Car insurance company losses indemnities, if you think you have good skill no problem then do not insure caustic danger Is also possible, if you do not have any confidence in their technology or insure more appropriate, lest hIs own pocket to repair a problem.

The rest Is optional insurance, you can according to their own ideas to see if there Is no need to protect there Will protect, even if there Is no insurance thIs thing Is so, it Is possible that the time to buy expensive, but the problem Is that value.