Which car insurance Is a must buy? What are they useless insurance buy it?

After the Car to keep a Car, the Car has become a required course for many owners, in addition, every year for vehicle insurance Is a learned thing, many owners, especially novice drivers, because of insurance understand the scope of insurance claims Is not particularly clear that the insurance on the vehicle the more the better, so when buying insurance, sleepwalk allow insurance companies to see a lot of vehicles on the practical fact useless insurance. The following 5 brother came to tell you which insurance coverage Is a must on which insurance coverage Is to buy white buy.

which Car to buy the insurance to buy?

only need to buy a new Car bought four insurance can be, they are: the travel tax to pay compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance, and caustic danger Is not deductible, basic the purchase of these four types of insurance in the daily Car completely enough, give you the next presentation, the scope of these four types of insurance claims below.

First, the Traffic Insurance travel tax

to pay high insurance travel tax after buying a Car, to ensure that vehicles on the road minimum standards insurance, the national insurance Will be mandatory on, not insurance companies be levied, unless you buy a Car off the road for when you can not pay tribute, the scope of its claims: Any third party (other than the vehicle, the vehicle people on the loss) caused within the scope of claims, whether or not there Is responsibility in the pay high insurance, the maximum amount of compensation of 2,000 yuan.

Second, the Car damage

caustic danger i.e. loss of vehicle insurance, Is to protect their Car suffer the most basic protection insurance; for example, hit a utility pole, encounter loss hail smashed Cars and other accidents and natural dIsasters caused by vehicles, Car damage insurance claims are within the range; but One thing to know, with the exception of earthquake damage to the vehicle caused by natural dIsasters, the insurance company Is not allowed to claim.

Third, the third party liability insurance compensation

can be third party liability insurance said that all vehicle insuranceSpecies most worthy purchase insurance, and when he Is fully responsible, for example, damaged or mIsuse of someone else’s Car hit a pedestrian, vehicle maintenance and medical personnel expenses generated at thIs time, all your purchases are all third party liability for payment. Third party liability insurance from 50000-100 extremely sum insured for the seven grades, although there Is a fee gap between the time of purchase each grade and each grade, but for such third party liability insurance, the 5 brother never recommended to buy high buy low.

Fourth, the non-deductible

Full non-deductible, excluding special franchIse Bill, many people do not understand Is not deductible in the end Is doing with, popular point, it would be a non-deductible insurance benefits, only covered thIs insurance, accident occurred when the vehicle in order to present themselves should be responsible for 5 % to 20% of the liability passed on to the insurance company; but non-deductible insurance needs before they can under the premIse of the “main rIsk” and can not be purchased separately.

Here Is substantially no insurance under which the

a , glass insurance

in fact, the rIsk of glass breakage alone called glass, which Is only a single glass damage Is only to the claims, for example, the vehicle parked in a cell downstairs, upstairs fell off a flower pot directly hit the glass in the claims of thIs range, but if that flowerpot dropped on the roof fragments splashed by the shattered glass, embarrassed that no compensation. ThIs way you can think about it, the chances of your Car being hit on the glass alone how much?

Second, wading insurance

wading insurance Is easy to feel the most Hang their heads and most insurance, most people think that as long as the vehicle involved in the accident with the water-related management compensation insurance companies, not really, wading insurance mainly for the engine, and it Is said that when your Car was flooded , the interior and other electronic components are not all claims; also, know when the engine was flooded after the flame, resulting in secondary ignition engine damage, the insurance company Is not claimed.

Third, pilfer

single sCary to lIsten to opinions from the name, in fact, and not much use, pilfer means the vehicle Will lose your claim, if the glass smashed, what LV bag inside the Car, what little gold necklace watches and so valuables, including outside the vehicle tires, mirrors and other components were stolen, the insurance company does not pay all; unless your Car Is a mortgage loan, otherwIse there Is no need to buy thIs insurance.

Fourth, the spontaneous combustion rIsk

Many owners may often see on the News, a Car in a certain place and natural, and hundreds of thousands of Cars so naught, so he thought to buy their own Cars on the spontaneous combustion rIsk; Why it Is useless to say spontaneous combustion rIsk it?

on the one hand for a new Car in terms of natural certainly Is a problem with the quality of the Car, find the insurance company dim? The fIshes directly to manufacturers, to buy the equivalent of buying a duplicate spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance.

On the other hand, if you make changes to the original Car vehicle line, the vehicle following a natural occurrence, whether manufacturers or their insurance company Will not be responsible for , which means you have to buy white buy. Secondly, even if you want to buy a spontaneous combustion rIsk, the insurance company also has a limit on the age of the vehicle, the longer normal year the insurance company did not dare to give your as much chance of natural, people are unlikely to take thIs silly kind of rIsk.

Finally, due to space reasons useless on vehicle insurance coverage for the time being to introduce them; I do not know what insurance Is a must buy think in your mind? What insurance Is the most useless? Welcome to leave comments below how?