Which Car Insurance have to buy? Old Driver: buy the four on it, the other Is a waste of money

With the Car becoming more popular, Car-related insurance also continue to mature. After a lot of Car owners are generally required to face the vehicle insurance (referred to as “Auto insurance”) of choice, and often a lot of people but also for Auto insurance and do not quite understand, so many people do not know how to select two of a smear, which the insurance must buy a Car? Older drivers: direct buy these four, the other Is a waste of money!

Is the first strong insurance. To pay high insurance to compulsory insurance requirements of our traffic control department. By the insurance company to the insured Car after the accident, causing casualties and the phenomenon of loss of property, there Is a part of the insurance compensation within a certain range. Premiums are uniform throughout the country, but different models of Car prices are also different, mainly influenced by “the number of seats of the Car.” The second Is third party liability insurance, thIs insurance Is to route pedestrians, other vehicles to protect, after all, more and more road vehicles, the owner accidentally it may cause harm to others, so when things happen, the owner We Will be able to use third-party liability insurance to deal with, the cost of the injured party need, basically borne by the insurance. The owners must use!

The third Is the Car damage. The biggest difference with the previous two kinds, the object Is Car damage insurance payment Is insured, that Is their own! When accidents, natural dIsasters except earthquake resulted in damage to vehicles, Car damage insurance can give us appropriate compensation. There are many cases caustic danger Is not guaranteed, for example: spontaneous combustion vehicles, broken glass alone, body scratches, and the owner of the vehicle again by water and the like ignition engine damage. The last Is a special insurance Is not deductible. The insurance usually refers to specially agreed, the insurance after the accident, in accordance with the corresponding provIsions insuring primary insurance franchIse calculation shall be borne by the insured portion of the deductible amount, the insurer liable. Most commercial insurance franchIse agreement 5-15% of accidents, the owners need to own a part of the expense. Then it can be passed on to insurance companies, to get the full amount. ThIs insurance Is generally more expensive, can avoid the rIsk, highly recommended purchase.

usually through the purchase of insurance are between the insurance 4s shop or telephone sales staff, save some costs if you want to buy insuranceThen you Will understand with their rebate points such as peace returned to the clerk to pay high insurance Is 4%, business Is 34%. Then you can calculate the sales of insurance and then sell it to you when you return now to earn much, and thIs time can negotiate lower prices. Also best to direct back now, because the package sent oil Card cash benefits as nothing!