Which Car Insurance have to buy? Expert advice: buy the four Is enough, buy more Is a waste of money

With the improvement of living standards now, the popularity of the Car Is already almost every family, bought a beloved Car, you Will surely want to properly protect it, which involves buying insurance against a accident do not have to bear a greater loss to reduce their burden, in general, Car insurance includes pay high insurance and commercial insurance in two parts, but for some novices, they always know what they should buy the insurance. How to buy Auto insurance Is a luxurious, not buy more, buy the complete Is good. To know a lot of Auto insurance even spent the money, but also completely irrelevant, it Is not worth it! Experts suggest: in fact we buy a new Car, buy the four Auto insurance Is enough, buy more Is a waste of money!

The first: to pay high insurance, thIs insurance every driver should have learned by heart, because it stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance.” , thIs means that the insurance must buy. To pay high insurance to pay high insurance Is the insurance company on the occurrence of the insured motor vehicle road traffic accidents victims of personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit of mandatory liability insurance, in case of an accident can alleviate some of the financial burden. The second: non-deductible insurance. If we buy a lot of insurance only to find that some places still can not compensate for it, such insurance would play a role, you can take those places are not compensated to take Care of, but we must see the signing of the contract amount and scope of compensation time, because they are not a compensation, which we must pay attention to.

Third: three insurance, three insurance full name Is called third party liability insurance business, relatively speaking, than the insurance pay high insurance more easy to use, thIs Is also a very important insurance! If you have to be in the three to pay high insurance and insurance selected First, I believe that most owners Will choose three insurance now! Fourth: caustic danger. And three different front, Car damage Is compensable own. If you own a Car accident, for example, in the street they were scraped, or do not Care where to hit, and thIs time all can make the insurance company to compensate, so thIs Is quite important the insurance Is strongly recommended that novice drivers must buy !

Xiaobian Summary: In general, these four kinds of insurance Is enough, like a glass insurance, insurance wading, spontaneous combustion rIsk, Scratches insurance, etc. These insurance usefulness really not much to see the situation of optional purchases on the line! In some places along the coast and there Is a long rainy season can add wading insurance, law and order for some chaotic place where you can purchase pilfer and scratches insurance. Many small insurance, you should consider buying from their own situation Oh! The most important thing Is to travel safely, drive Carefully.