Which business owner should buy the insurance? Do not buy all rIsks, these four fine

Many Car owners after buying a new Car, it Will face a problem of selling insurance. In addition to pay compulsory insurance, but also need to buy some commercial insurance, to pay high insurance Car owners must buy, if you do not buy a Car without a license are on way. The rIsk Is that the insurance business owners are free to buy, but some owners Is hard to worry what kind of commercial insurance should be purchased, and thIs time some insurance salesman recommended that owners Will buy full insurance, so there Is really all rIsks so good?

insurance of all rIsks involved very much, basically contains all the commercial rIsk insurance to protect the owners are also very comprehensive, nor owners need to purchase commercial insurance Is what kind of a bother. But one of the many insurance owners rarely used, such as spontaneous combustion rIsk, vehicle pilfer and so on. All rIsks and high prices, each year the owner must spend a lot of money on all rIsks. So how Car insurance should buy it? Traffic police said: do not buy all rIsks, as long as these four, to buy Is to give money to the insurance company.

The four are three main insurance an additional rIsks and composed, respectively, third party liability insurance, vehicle damage insurance, Car insurance personnel and non-deductible insurance. Third party liability insurance Is a major loss in a road accident compensation for others; loss of vehicle insurance Is compensation for damages to the owners of the vehicle; Car insurance Is to provide protection for personnel personnel on board, if the accident happened, the Car the staff can also receive compensation; non-deductible insurance, Car owners can own a part of the liability Is transferred to insurance companies. Whether it Is from practical or economical, the four insurance Is very reasonable. In daily life, basically able to handle these types of insurance liability for common traffic accidents.

owners of friends in the purchase of insurance Is necessary to think clearly, choose some type of affordable commercial insurance, these four Is a very good choice, but also for the owners save a lot of money to buy insurance. Especially if they have other requirements, you can also buy some appropriate insurance. While the insurance Is important, but still have to remind owners to secure the first in a moving way.