Whether novice or old drivers, the four best car insurance to buy whole, especially the third

REVIEW: Whether novice or old drivers, the four best Car insurance to buy whole, especially in the third

recently backstage received a lot of small partners of the message, some of junior partner want to look at new Cars must have Car insurance every year to buy what? What kind of Car insurance that you can not buy it? After the general Auto insurance do not have to put all the projects are all Car insurance to buy, because the type of insurance to buy more, not only the cost of insurance Will be more, but you Will find that some Auto insurance program Is indeed less than I 4S shop before also work in a few years time, contact with many insurance company personnel, and today chat with the four best Car insurance to buy whole.

first: Traffic Insurance

Cars to pay high insurance must be purchased, many readers should know, when the first new Car to buy insurance, if it Is five models Is $ 950 if it Is more than seven models it Is 1,100 yuan, for several years if there Is no danger, at the time of purchase to pay high insurance also Will be dIscounted. In addition, we examined the vehicle at time of year Is also a need to use the policy to pay high insurance, and if you do not purchase insurance to pay strong, the traffic police was found on the road, you need a fine of twice the amount of the premium, thIs should be kept in mind.

Second: caustic danger

caustic danger and must be purchased and plainly, Car damage your Car payment Is lost. Many novice drivers after mentioning a new Car, because not technically a special pass, sometimes turn a corner or encounter some unexpected situations when the inevitable bumps in some cases Will appear. To repair the Car in time, in fact, spending or find many, ranging from a few thousand dollars to more than tens of thousands of dollars, but thIs time Car damage insurance can come in handy, so thIs Is we need to keep in mind.

The third: third party liability insurance

Car damage Is paid the loss of own vehicle, And third party liability insurance Is paid others, many readers must have witnessed the case of rear-end, after the Car rear-end the vehicle in front, most of the cases are the primary responsibility for the Car, if the surrounding Is a millions of dollars worth of luxury Cars, so maintenance costs are certainly a lot of thIs time third party liability insurance comes in handy. And I suggest that you do the third party liability insurance of less than 150 million, 1 million of 1.5 million third party liability insurance and third party liability insurance at the time of purchase, in fact, almost the same cost.

Fourth: non-deductible

Is also non-deductible insurance must purchased, the cost of thIs insurance Is actually not much, but it Is the third party liability insurance and Car damage a relationship. It simply, if you do not buy non-deductible insurance, paid at the time of the vehicle, insurance companies generally only about 70% of the claims, and that the remaining 30% of the cost Will need the owners themselves. For example, if for some reason you need someone paid $ 100,000 in the case did not buy non-deductible insurance, you Will need to come up with 30,000 yuan yourself, so must remember to buy non-deductible insurance.