Where you should buy vehicle insurance?

Current vehicle insurance, 4S shop can buy individual insurance companies Will continue to own Auto insurance phone insurance expires bombing in front of you, and in order to win business, Will give a very favorable dIscount none or gifts and value-added services. As owners, they tend to be confused do not know where to go to buy insurance the better.

In fact, Auto insurance Is mainly 4S shops and insurance companies, Car phone both. The difference in price on the Car phone premiums may be lower, then presented gifts and services more practical. 4S shops are mostly painted surfaces, such coupons work associated with the vehicle service deduction vouchers can only be used in the shop also specify the consumer, so many owners Will feel the Car phone Is more cost-effective. 4S shop insurance prices, although expensive, but some 4S stores in the face of accident claims, shop for customers to buy insurance and non-shop purchase insurance, services vary, which can be considered a value-added content of it.

In fact, 4S shops and Car phone price difference Will not be great, or 4S shop insurance Is difficult to launch, nothing more than to see the free gift and project which Is more in line with the owner’s mind Bale. Mainly to choose a large insurance company, more secure, more convenient and to assess the damage claims are more reasonable valuation, which Is the purchase of Auto insurance Is an important consideration.

which come to talk about several insurance in the end buy insurance. Traffic Insurance Needless to say, must buy insurance. The rest Is commercial insurance, commercial insurance, it Is advIsed Car damage insurance, third party liability insurance and non-deductible insurance to purchase, third party insurance coverage available now are 1 million or more, and in order to really avoid rIsk. There are some additional insurance, glass insurance, scratches insurance and the like, to see the owners they think there Is no need to buy.

have to buy Auto insurance each year, in fact, in the end Is the 4S shop or Auto insurance phone difference Is not great, to see which of the two additional services to the owners of more attractive. The main focus Is that the choice of the insurance company as well as specific types of insurance, which Will directly affect the procedures and the amount of the dangerous condition of the vehicle’s claims.

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