Where to go on the cheapest new car safety Is directly to the insurance company or 4S shop?

buy a Car to buy Car nature of insurance, which seems to have nothing to say. But as a savvy owner Will always want, where to buy insurance the most appropriate? Insurance major purchases at present there are two places, the first Is the time to buy a Car in the 4S shop; there Is a it Is directly to the insurance company to buy, what Is the difference between these two?

buy insurance in the 4S shop, many people Will feel the price Is relatively better than their own to buy directly from an insurance company at the insurance to be more expensive to send a variety of coupons less. ThIs Is certainly true, after all, 4S shop Is the agent, not hIs to sell insurance, but the price Will not vary greatly, most of which Is less send all kinds of coupons a little bit. However, the removal of the price factor in the 4S shop to buy insurance there are a lot of benefits: First, 4S shop Is to do credit, selling insurance Is not tricky; secondly, in the 4S shop to buy insurance, in terms of accident claims must be It Will be attentive service.

in the insurance companies buy insurance, such as Car phone, the biggest advantage Is the price. Of course, the insurance company Will sell as much as possible to the owners of all types of insurance, or in order to keep the price down to sell some of the conditional insurance, which requires an experienced old driver clear view of the insurance policy.

in addition, there are some insurance matters Xiao Bian want here to be reminded that there are still many Auto insurance insurance doorway, some insurers to lower prices to attract a lot of owners launch insurance conditional: for example regional Auto insurance, it Is only the dangerous condition of the insurance company claims Will be in a prescribed area; the dangerous condition of the insurance company designated driver Auto insurance when there Is a specific provIsion only person driving the vehicleIt Will claim. The specific details of these insurance limit machine general sales staff Will deliberately weakened and stressed that the price advantage, so to remind owners friend to read the terms Carefully.

These are the purchase of insurance in contrast 4S shops and insurance companies, in conclusion, Is heavier 4S shop service trust, phone Auto insurance has a price advantage, but the owners need to Carefully understand the terms of the content.

(operations staff: Zhang Yu)