Where to buy auto insurance more cost effective to buy, so choose to buy, to buy a car insurance, you can look at it!

Hello, everyone, I am a Car, and said that the Car thing, I was concerned to learn more about buying a Car Car skills.

We buy Auto insurance Is to go to the insurance company bought well go 4s shop? Why? If I were you, I suggest that you buy Auto insurance Is the insurance company to buy. Why buy an insurance company to buy? There are actually a few main reasons:

because I was working for several years on the inside 4s shop, usually Is not only selling Cars, on the other hand also exposed to all aspects of Automotive peripheral, such as Car insurance, Car decoration and so on. ThIs one for Car insurance, but also a better understanding, on the other hand, and insurance companies also recognize staff, monasteries Insurance also know a lot of knowledge. For example, the use of various types of insurance, which insurance Is the most cost-effective insurance Is also a rebate. So these are more or less understand it.

Why go to the insurance company bought? Because the insurance company, then the first one Is more formal ah, you go to the second insurance company to buy all those rebate directly to you personally, not to others. If you go to 4s shops to buy, then you think about it, thIs one Car insured 4s shop also need to earn some profits. But if you go directly to the insurance company, and that eliminating the middlemen, the insurance company to give you a rebate all to yourself. We also know that there Is no escape from danger in the first year, second year, third year of insurance dIscount Is very high, reached about 5 fold 6 fold.

But I say dIscount, we are talking about dIscounts mainly for commercial insurance, to pay high insurance dIscount Is not a say.

when we go to buy a Car, you Will be asked to 4s shops are in the first year Is required to buy insurance inside the shop, the main purpose of 4s shop or in earning your first year insurance rebate. But we also know that the first two years of the three-year renewal, it Is also behind the rebate. When did you go to buy insurance salesman to introduce you, in fact, these people are in the insurance company to send 4s shop inside, that these people belong to the insurance company. So next year’s renewal, in their hands to buy it, Is also possible. butYou do not do that Is through the 4s shop 4s shop by customer service personnel or 4s store sales consultants to call you, if bought through their hands, then the rebate Is retained, because 4s shop Is you need to earn Insurance rebate.

So the above, I suggest you when buying Auto insurance Is to go to the insurance company, if everyone Is not convenient, then Is the time to buy in you Car, you also add a phone or a micro-channel insurance company staff just call to tell them that, or let him give you the math, how much insurance Is now able to rebate? You through thIs comprehensive comparIson Will know.