Where better to buy car insurance? Insurance staff to tell the truth, the owner: Early understand not regret it!

Car insurance where to buy better? Insurance staff to tell the truth, the owner: Early understand not regret it! With the current economy continues to grow, it Is also for the purchase of a Car has become a more popular thing, so the Car on the road Is more and more, it Is inevitable there Will be some conditions finally in sight, so owners buy after the Car after the finIsh, then some Will choose to buy Auto insurance to Car, so Auto insurance and its main significance of the role that motor vehicles Will be used in the process, if some of the damage of natural dIsasters or accidents occur, then also He Is able to pay the damages for these losses. But there are many drivers they Will be very troublesome, in the end where to buy Auto insurance Is the better of it? Insurance also tell the truth after lIstening to these owners are also saying, I knew no regrets.

then for Auto insurance, it also allows owners are very confused, many insurance companies Will also say that after calling home cheap, what most service it Is good. But there are friends, they are also thought to buy Auto insurance 4s shop words in there Will be more convenient for some, but claims it Will be quite easy. So in fact not the case, also need to be Careful of buying Auto insurance, do not be fooled insurance company personnel inside, then such a mess to some owners Will buy a lot of insurance, in fact, many are also nothing useful, and that Is to buy Auto insurance 4s shop in how words are not easy, once the accident, then 4s shop Is not responsible, they Will only tell you to go to the insurance company which conducted the claim, then where to buy Auto insurance Is the better of it, insurance Is to say the things that the owners have expressed no regrets knew it.

then for an insurance policy Is the same, regardless of the price from the insurance company or 4s shops, their prices are also have a similar, if you know there are a number of acquaintances selling insurance, he may also give you a dIscount, generally are 10%, may also be a good relationship dIscount of twenty percent, but no amount of words and certainly no longer available, so at 4s store to buy insurance, then, generally are not dIscounted, at most, Will give you some benefits, but the 4s shop selling insurance also have a certain commIssion, want to get more, then of courseAlso Will not give owners a dIscount, and even 4s shop dIscount welfare Is not to say very favorable, and we all know that eventually passed, but finally we pay consumers themselves.

then the terms of the claims, then the final one party claims are also insurance companies, no matter where you buy insurance, you are also insured last company claims, 4s shop if you buy insurance, they are also insurance companies let you go, to 4s shops and insurance companies, they are also have ties and exchanges, such as the owner on Car repair, Car wash owners so in some cases, 4s shop Will be the owners of a number of relatively warm, so thIs way it Will provide convenience for the owners, but if you help if the owner claims reached, then no further dealings after buying the Car, so that the owner Is Do not expect anything 4s shop Will help, so they must depend on their own.