When we buy insurance for the car, just to buy these types of insurance can be, no need to buy anything else

in which we now live, there are a lot of people have to buy a Car of their own, we can look at their side friends or relatives there are at least have a Car of, and from that point on you can also see that the Car Is really for all of us live in it, a part of one has been essential, and we can look up to travel on their own city streets a kind of transport Is the Car, but also in the future when the Car in which all of us not just a means of transportation, but also one of the members of a big family of our future, and the Car in these years with all of us to the ease and convenience, we are all able to see hIs eyes.

a thing we all know that our Car just bought later, we all need to give their own Car insurance, because there are Some of us Will occur after the accident insurance, when all of us, including any economic loss Will reduce a lot of the above, but also to buy insurance after we put my heart I Will give you a peace of mind, but most of us when people buy insurance, basically I do not know what to buy good insurance, today we talk about and white come to thIs thing, when we give hIs Car to buy insurance, which are worth buying kinds of insurance, when we buy insurance for the Car, just to buy these types of insurance can be, no need to buy anything else.

ThIs Is the first we need to give hIs Car to buy insurance, that Is, all of us are familiar with the pay compulsory insurance, it can be said to pay high insurance, as the name suggests Is the need to forced to pay insurance an insurance, it can be said when If you say to buy to pay high insurance we are not allowed to on our Car brand, and we all bought Will give us the Car glass posted a logo later to pay high insurance, if that we are caught on the road when there Is no traffic police logo affixed to pay high insurance on the glass, thIs time we Will be fine, but also pay high insurance Degui not how much money Will not buy a flower.

And thIs second thing, we should all be familiar with, that Is third party insurance, Third party insurance, many people do not know what it meant, I told everyone knows a thing, it Is now way above us, the Car Is now more and more, and there are a lot of luxury Cars, if we say when to buy third party insurance, and other Cars collided in the future, and we are determined to be the responsible party when the insured, you played a great use, but we also know that the road top luxury Car Is more and more, I asked you if run into a luxury Car, plus we are the responsible party, thIs time if we do not have a third party insurance when we are sacrificing a lot of money.

ThIs third need to buy insurance Is caustic danger, and we all just saw, our third-party insurance Is sentenced to the responsible party when the need to pay compensation to the insurance, but thIs Car caustic danger Is that we received, so after the insurance company needs to give us all a money-losing Insurance, and said thIs Is a very a very good insurance, there Is thIs fourth, we need to buy the insurance that Is not deductible, a lot of people do not know what it means Is non-deductible, Xiao Bian here to tell you, if we say that we are all in the top three after buying the insurance, if I say a traffic accident, but did not buy Is not deductible, then thIs Is the time we need to get 20% of the compensation, and the remaining 80% to the insurance company, but if we bought thIs a non-deductible time, all the insurance companies in charge of.

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