When the automobile insurance claims, you had it in the tank

In thIs day and age, with the continuous improvement of our country’s economic level, people’s material and cultural life increased. Most families also the original means of transport into a private Car. Car has become a household consumables, not only to consume energy, but also every other period of time to maintain, to a year and we still have to buy all kinds of insurance for the Car. Today I Will talk about safety and we hope to help a friend a Car, if your Car Is damaged, how to deal with some of the terms of the King of insurance companies, to mitigate their losses, protection of the rights they should have.

Take Car to additional rIsk of glass for example. I have a private Car, an insurance company to buy insurance, but also added a glass insurance. Had time to buy insurance salesman verbally told me on the phone, glass sunroof glass breakage insurance does not cover the debts. Two days ago, I accidentally break something to wash the glass window, did not see the beginning broken off, but I forced a shut door, just lIsten whizzed, get off a look above all broken glass . The glass, but very expensive ah, consulted several repair shop, several glass with mounting to one thousand. I immediately hit the insurance company’s telephone, the insurance company at the time I answer: exclusions. There are three reasons. First, you buy a glass insurance, non-glass window broken payment; second, your own break something, so caustic danger Is not paid; third, you are not the Car wash accident occurs, the insurance does not apply to provIsions. These three plausible, may be a lot of friends Will be fooled passed the insurance company staff, but I am here not because I have worked in the insurance brief members, insurers know that some terms are imposed on the user.

stands to reason that as long as you buy a glass additional rIsk, regardless of whether you are in a traffic accident or in the rest state, if not deliberately trying to damage the insurance company should be paid. And as long as you buy a glass insurance, then all the glass Car, he should be paid, including the glass window. So I am going to choose a complaint, just heard that I have a complaint, the attitude of the insurance company staff to a hundred and eighty degreeI turn, I’m sorry sir, so you do not first complaint, so I report to their superiors about leadership, temporarily retain your right to complain, so I call. After over half an hour, the phone calls came, the staff told me to upload documents, let upload pictures Auto glass breakage, then upload banking Card, on arrival the afternoon Peifu Kuan, it’s that simple. So a Car with friends, usually pay more attention about the knowledge of insurance when nothing, they avoid being pit. If you know the pit, immediately complained to the CIRC, they really impose terms, thIs Is the time the fox’s tail Will eventually be exposed.