When put on a new car insurance, to pay attention, these types of insurance “most practical”, do not buy the wrong

Is now getting better and better living conditions, and to buy a Car in our lives but also more and more people in the future to buy a Car, although it Is a very gratifying thing, but now the Car Is on the road more and more, the slightest mIstake might be some accidents, so that we in the industry are required to buy a Car to Car insurance, and to pay high insurance after buying the Car also Is required to be delivered, but the pay to pay compulsory insurance in the future, if the emergence of a traffic accident, then, the loss Is very small, so that the owners are also give the Car buying other commercial dangerous road, and in the raIsed when a new Car to Car insurance Is to pay attention, these types of insurance “most practical”, do not buy the wrong.

1, strong insurance. Buy a new Car in the future, we are all ultimately to give a strong rIsk of the Car turned over, because pay high insurance Is a must buy provIsions, and such insurance Is a compulsory insurance, but also pay high insurance by the insurance company for the insurance of motor vehicle traffic occurred personal injury accident victims Will be suppressed for property damage compensation within the limits, but it Is a kind of mandatory liability insurance, and to pay high insurance premiums Is also about 950 yuan per year, but thIs year there are also some new float as it Will be linked with the accident, if your Car escape from danger rate higher then the first two years to pay premiums also Will be more.

2, third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance, as the name suggests Is the compensation to a third party, with the driver Is not related, in fact, the first three kinds of liability insurance Is a kind of commercial insurance, Is not a mandatory types of insurance, but it also can be used as cross-strong insurance the supplement. In a traffic accident after the payment of the amount of time Is not enough time, there Is the role of the third party insurance, and third party insurance Is divided into insurance, and insurance 500,000 1,000,000 200,000 insurance, and people at the time of purchase are also choose insurance and 1 million insurance 500 000, and in the time of purchase, we also can according to their own vehicles or to purchase according to their own city, buying, then there many people are also choose to buy 1 million, the status quo, after all, luxury Cars on the road Is also very much, and in the purchase of such status again after their own transportationAccident, then, the loss ratio Is very high.

3, non-deductible insurance. Non-deductible insurance industry Is a commercial insurance, and non-deductible insurance Is an additional insurance, he Is mainly in primary insurance as a condition of the insured, and Is not a separate, additional insurance, if in the event of a when accidents are also the main rIsk Will be calculated in accordance with the terms of the insured, the insurer Is also the franchIse’s son bear part of the face amount of the compensation on their own. Insurance companies also Will compensate within the limits of liability, so that for the non-deductible insurance and must be purchased, and non-deductible insurance franchIse Is as high as 30%.

When buying Car insurance, the insurance generally three very practical, but for some other insurance we are no need to buy, then when buying a Car , what do you think of insurance are very practical, but also welcome message to share, oh.