When insurance claims favorite “word”! Old drivers: do not say okay, say the blood loss

when insurance claims favorite “word”! Old drivers: do not say okay, say the blood loss

Today, people’s living conditions and can be said to be completely different than ten years ago, ten years ago on the streets of the United States Car Is still limited, although the road Is not very wide but not a traffic jam. But now it Is not the same, filled the Car Is simply a headache, but parking Is still very tense. In fact, many Cars no problem, the most helpless people Is the traffic accident rate and now the driver’s driving qualities. Today, Auto accidents often occur, many people Will give their own Cars to buy an insurance policy, but the insurance company claims when favorite “word”! Old drivers: do not say okay, say the blood loss!

thIs thing looks like an insurance company Is to protect the interests of owners, but in fact are the same as 4S shop filled pit, once the vehicle has some unusual, even Is an accident does not have insurance claims. For thIs point we should remind owners, because most insurance companies when claims like to hear owners say it “did not bring driver’s license,” thIs sentence. When driving test, a subject made it clear that the subject inside the Car need to bring a driver’s license and driving permit, even if you have a driver’s license but did not Carry it, in a sense, can be considered driving without a license!

Once you get it out of a Car accident the traffic police Will question your driver’s license and Car insurance companies for the accident did not take driver’s license happening Is in no hurry to claims, because they said driving without a license in thIs case, the accident can only be considered their own, the insurance company Is not going to be compensation. So he said after a traffic accident, the owners do not Care, whether it Is to open a friend’s Car or, their own Cars worth mentioning, thIs thing sure to bring a driver’s license in hIs body. Even without the band but also the first time after the accident so that friends or family to take over the driver’s license, but do not tell the insurance company who said he did not take driver’s license. ThIs Is Why old driver would say, “do not say okay, say the blood loss” reasons!

to take insurance when the owners must be Careful, like the kind of accident in their own unilateral into, as long as no money to repair more than 500 better not take insurance, especially repair scratches rub thIs three hundred dollars leftThe right Will be able to resolve the matter. Because the insurance company for insurance pricing Is determined according to the number of the dangerous condition of the vehicle, once too many times dangerous condition of scrap also Will rIse. So do not because repair costs hundreds of pieces to make their premiums rIse!

If you really do not want to pay for their own three or four hundred dollars to repair paint, recommend vehicle owners repair it yourself, do it yourself easily but also simple, things used, it was only a few dollars can buy a bottle of up painting. Just take up painting where paint damaged smear on it, water sanding click on ok wait to dry. Spot color Car up painting, basically any Car are able to find a special color, so that the owners want up painting also save money, then do it yourself!