When buying car insurance, which need to purchase auto insurance? To avoid spending more money wasted

and now we go on the road Car everywhere, although facilitated our Car travel, but with the increase in the Car, with the increase in traffic accidents, so when buying a Car, in addition to pay compulsory insurance Is a must buy but also you need to purchase commercial Auto insurance, but many owners do not know when to buy Car insurance, which need to purchase Auto insurance? To avoid spending more money wasted.


today Meng sIster to everyone popularize, we buy Car insurance, you need to buy what the insurance .

first, caustic danger , whether such insurance just bought a new Car or open a few years old Car, Car damage are Is a must buy, because now more and more Cars on the road, even if you are older drivers, driving skills well, but the saying goes, “often defiled the river station,” once the Car hit a day , scraping, go to the repair shop just bits and pieces you have to spend a lot of money if the Car damage insurance on, then do not feel bad repair money.

Car damage

second, three insurance , first of all tell you that what Is three insurance, three insurance also known as third party liability insurance, meaning that if you drive a Car accidentally hit a tricycle, then the tricycle casualties and damage compensation tricycle driver, by the insurance company for compensation, the maximum payment there are three insurance 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 and 1,000,000 or more. Meng sIster suggested that owners buy insurance when the three should not be spared, at least the amount of claims also have a choice of more than 200,000, especially some young people, as young men basically do not have much savings, if driving a Car hit people, we Will be unable to payment Therefore, when selecting three insurance, according to their circumstances, the amount may be selected from claims highs.


3, vehicle liability insurance , like when we drive, the Car can not be every day Is our own, sometimes relatives and friends Will often take in case of a traffic accident, the Car who can get the claim, we would not have hIs own pocket pay the damages.

4, glass insurance , the entire Automotive glass Is the weakest place, so thIs Is not small, but Meng sIster reminder, glass insurance Is divided into imports glass and domestic glass insurance rIsk, these two glass insurance premiums vary widely, so the Car Is mainly according to their own circumstances to choose which, if not to find yourself the wrong insurance claims up.

Auto Glass

5, non-deductible insurance , Is actually a non-deductible additional rIsk, in the case of the need to purchase the main insurance purchasing, buying Is not deductible if an accident occurs, you can put a responsibility to bear their own, all transferred to the insurance company, the insurance company in order to get 100% compensation.