When buying car insurance, “three insurance” buy 1 million in the end worth? Insurance Sales to tell the truth

In today’s society, people are more and more convenient to buy a Car, but we all know that buying a Car in the future are also required to buy insurance for the Car, and pay compulsory insurance Is necessary to make a purchase to just buy the Traffic insurance, our Car Will be able to hit the road, but we also know when to pay high Car now paid the payment amount Is very small, so that in life people are also buy a number of other commercial insurance, and now those classes of commercial insurance Is really too much, now we have some commercial life actually does not apply, but also more and more restrictions, so that there are a lot of owners are also in the purchase of Auto insurance What would be more tangle of insurance purchased.

However, in our lives, there are many owners in the purchase of insurance, are generally choose to third party liability insurance, or do not count free compensation insurance, and some other types of insurance, and for third party liability insurance, its premium and sum insured are also unequal. However, the insured amount Is 500,000 and 1 million owners at the time of purchase general purchase, but in the purchase of third-party liability insurance, to buy time if the insured amount Is 1 million, in the end worth it? Insurance sales to tell the truth.

We also know that in purchase third-party liability insurance to when its price Is different, the insured amount of 500,000 under normal circumstances probably in 1600 dollars, and the sum insured for a million, its price Is probably around 2100 dollars, although only more than 500 dollars, but the sum insured Will be able to turn on a double that which Is very the cost-effective. So there are a lot of drivers. They are also in the choice Will choose the insured amount of one million. But anyway, at the time of purchase, whether the purchase sum insured or the insured amount of 500,000 1 million, owners also can be selected according to their actual situation.

because now people’s living conditions getting better and better, so that there are a lot of people Will always buy some luxury Cars, particularly in those a second-tier major cities in the benefits we Will see some more things, so that in a second-tier cities, the owners purchase third-party liability insurance, to the time it Is recommended to buy 1 million of insuranceAmount. After all, not only in the big cities it Is very much a luxury Car, but it really Is very much a vehicle, so the slightest mIstake while driving, accidents may occur, so the probability of traffic accidents Is particularly large therefore not only be more Careful while driving, and if there have been some really unfortunate accident, then the amount of compensation it really Is very large, so that a direct purchase of the sum insured 1 million would be more cost-effective Some bound by income level of a second-tier cities to pay an extra 500 yuan also Will not feel too much pressure.

For some towns drivers, although there Is also a number of luxury Cars, but the comparIson Is quite a few, so that in thIs case next, we only need to purchase the insured amount of 500,000 on it, because the sum insured 1 million Is almost no need in daily life, but at the time of purchase, if the novice driver and the driver, the proposal or purchase good one million insured amount. So when buying third party liability insurance, you have what kind of view? Then you generally do not mind which one to buy? We also welcome message to share, oh.