When buying car insurance, there are these two secrets you know? !

vehicle ownership now slowly growing, so “Car insurance” has become more important, especially commercial insurance! Then how can more money to enjoy cheap dIscount? I gave you simply talk about today! Users can find useful collection, the calculation used to refer to thIs mode when using!

at first said two channels to purchase insurance:

1, the last time you bought the insurance companies Will be based on your contact telemarketing way to you, so that you continue to buy their insurance, declaration price telemarketing sometimes also relatively affordable, but still no concessions to a minimum. (Only for Cars)

a new Car it Is usually square, where you buy the Car dealers, Auto insurance prices does not cost-effective, because they want to increase their selling insurance through Car dealers profit margins.

2, channel agency, if you know the agent directly, even if you find the source. Because no matter your side acquaintances and friends are selling Cars through different agencies there to help you buy insurance, the price of it, give you a hand of the person from which Will certainly be to the corresponding reward.

Insurance companies have the lowest price to the agent authority, then the agency through the 4S shop to buy a Car or Automobile trade company to sell the customer.

Is like on the map, if you purchase insurance, first of all the required information Is not Issued to the first figure who sell insurance, but consult clear hIs insurance policy and rebate, and then look for the next few contrast, see Which Is good incentives, positive and negative then the required ID and driver’s license photo Is a copy pictures to him, let him accurate accounting of the price to single you out. ThIs also protect their personal information from security to some extent.

Second Example FIG. AnalysIs:

FIG said upper folding means 49, if the original price 3000 Insurance, 3000 × 0.49 = 1470 thanks to a number Is the actual amount after dIscount, Is not here to be the last to sell you the lowest price insurance. 49 there Is a net behind off a single charge 2X (Take the example 29), 49 out thanks to a translation 1470 × (1-0.29) = 1043.7 Finally, thIs thanks to a number of insurance you buy Is the final price after all dIscounts, say, $ 3,000 of insurance you only need to spend 1043.7 on it.

Many dealers insurance almost no dIscount, there are said to be selling Cars Qimao give you much dIscount to play, but Is 49% off the next plane, but did not give a proxy he rebate 29 points give you a dIscount. Said the money Is not, in fact, has virtually earned your money, you still feel like owe him a favor. (To note here, the price dIsplayed Is the price of the policy after 49 dIscount, you have to press after the price of 49% off the first payment, rebate 29 points later and then cash back to you. So you can understand Why some people help you buy insurance, you really see the lIst number after 49 dIscount, and you think he’s terrific, did not earn your money Why.)

talk so much you just want buy vehicle insurance when the bid was several, mostly some money left over for themselves.