When buying car insurance, just four on it, Is to buy more insurance companies give money!

Many owners gave their Cars were insured, but for some older drivers, the Cars bought before in thIs area have a certain understanding, not buy so much, with no insurance, and now the kind of insurance are also many, but for novice drivers that some of the insurance in thIs area Is not very much aware of the Car, probably Will not need to buy some insurance, but also easy to pit, in fact, he bought the insurance As long as the time to buy four Car insurance on it, If we buy the other, then it Is to say to the insurance company giving away money, we are speaking about today Is what four kinds of insurance. When buying Car insurance, just four on it, Is to buy more insurance companies give money!

The first Is to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance can help your Car, successfully passed the annual inspection, the Traffic Insurance can be a mandatory requirement must buy an insurance as long as you buy the Car you Will have to buy the insurance to pay strong, after buying the Car above Will be affixed to sign a cross-strong insurance, If we are on the road by the police see you do not have to buy insurance to pay strong, then you also Will be punIshed, we Will not pass annual inspection. The second Is non-deductible insurance, the insurance buy thIs fact Is basically not very able to, but just in case, if you are traveling on the road, then, what Is an accident, then it Will all insurance all of compensation by the insurance company, If we are not free to buy thIs meter does not lose money, then you need a small portion of their own money paid, but it Is also vary, if you wanted to hit those relatively cheap Car, it may a small portion of the amount Will be relatively small, if once you encounter a luxury Car, hIs Car worth more expensive, then you are a small portion of the money might be thousands of dollars already.

The third Is a commercial third party liability insurance, which indicates that if you wanted to in the case of traffic accidents, based on the amount of payment to pay high insurance less, if you wanted to accidents and a number of luxury Cars worth more expensive Car happens, then you can use third party insurance to compensate, to some of the compensation amount at a greater extent. The fourth Is the loss of vehicle insurance such insurance was not in those accidents and lost for, say, your Car if if by natural dIsasters such as lightning damage if it floods, and other natural dIsasters, which caused the loss of CarLose, then you can get claims in accordance with the rIsk, buy a toy Car, only buy four of insurance on it.