When a car accident insurance policies, if these four words, the last may not have a penny

buy a Car to buy insurance, it Is a lot of Car owners all agree, but otherwIse there Is no insurance hit a luxury Car, then the consequences may serious. Just in time to buy insurance, you must pay attention to bikers provIsions of Auto insurance, because it has a lot of dIsclaimers, that Is, if there Is a loss because of the provIsions of the cause, the insurance company Is not compensation of. In the report, when the insurance, if the owner says the following four words, may not be the last penny.

The first sentence, my tires lost. Car thieves now have few Car theft, because it Is easy to get caught, so they changed to steal parts. Tires also very expensive parts, especially the luxury Car tires, and as long as there are tools, tires or better dIsmantled. But if the owners want the insurance compensation that Is not possible, because theft Is not a separate part of compensation.

The second sentence, accident two days before the occurrence. After the accident, some owners have been busy dealing with incidents go, or just rub, waited two days to think of insurance policies. Insurance claims but also have time, usually within 48 hours of that Is, if more than thIs time, the insurance company refused to compensate justified, because it Is the insurance law provIsions.

In the third sentence, after the water started on the bad. storm Will surface water, especially in summer rain, a lot of road Will be flooded, and some owners of flooded Cars, then you want to open out the ignition, or through water surface died. If thIs behavior causes engine damage, the insurance company Will refuse compensation, because it Is the active behavior of the owner.

, fourth sentence, Car Is hit when maintenance. Car during maintenance when the owner of the Car Will remain in the repair shop, and sometimes there Will be knocked out employees open plot, in fact, many see thIs kind of News. ThIs time the owner Is not looking for an insurance company, because the service point has the responsibility to look after the owner of the vehicle, whether it Is stolen or knocked, should be responsible for repair.

In short, although the insurance companies are not often say “thIs Is not lost and that does not pay,” but there are many cases does not within the scope of the claims. When the Car riders, it should take note.

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